Thursday, 2021-01-28

rinigusmal: ping. just a reminder regarding obs and aarch64 - whether there is any plan to fix it?08:56
malrinigus: the person maintaining community obs has been very busy and didn't yet have time to fix, hopefully soon it will get fixed08:57
piggzrinigus: i already asked a day or so ago ;)09:01
rinigusmal, piggz: excellent! thank you very much09:01
rinigus... and delay is understandable09:02
piggzrinigus: maybe we can tempt lbt with chocolate??09:02
riniguspiggz: maybe. or cookies.09:10
rinigusor even better, figure out how to make obs maintenance simple and not requiring much time09:11
electro575@elros34 : it's possible to use the same folder for sdk and few devices ?10:01
electro575the same path : /srv/mer ? or it's necessary to create another sdk folder10:02
electro575this variable was not set correctly : $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH10:02
electro575$VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH = --10:02
electro575@mal, do you know if it's possible to build sailfishOS for more than on device on a desktop computer ?10:24
electro575sdk is a common part not link to $DEVICE $VENDOR $PORT_ARCH ?10:24
malI have my own script for handling multiple device so I can call for example "sdk fp2" and it will load the correct environment file10:25
electro575hum, okey10:26
electro575my problem is strange10:26
electro575@mal, when i launch this cmd : sdk-assistant create $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH10:27
electro575if i do echo $$VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH10:27
malis the ~/.hadk.env file correct?10:27
electro575= --10:27
malwhat happens if you run "hadk" before doing that10:28
electro575i have create another account sailfish-dev-klte for other device10:28
electro575i don't know if it's necessary10:28
electro575if i type hadk, i paste for you10:28
electro575@mal, Env setup for klte10:29
malwhat? does the echo command return correct information if you first manually run hadk10:29
electro575just this : Env setup for klte10:30
electro575but when i do env10:30
electro575i don't have $DEVICE for example10:30
electro575in this PlatformSDK10:30
electro575O yes sorry, it's appear10:32
electro575DEVICE VENDOR10:32
electro575@mal, is it possible to share your script ? to build for multiple device10:36
electro575it will be usefull to stay on the same computer10:36
electro575and not 210:36
malI will share it later today10:38
electro575ok, thanks10:39
electro575@mal, is it possible to have github link and gitlab link in the same manifest.xml ?11:19
electro575my example11:19
electro575<remote name="git" fetch=""/>11:20
electro575URL , ...11:20
electro575<remote name="git" fetch=""/>11:20
electro575URL , ...11:20
malof course, just make sire those have different remote names11:22
electro575okey, thanks11:24
electro575if i only change FLAG on defconfig, i must just do i make ? and recompile what droid-config ?16:19
electro575or hybris-boot and flash16:19
electro575@mal, an idea about ?16:21
malat least make hybris-boot or make hybris-hal and then -d to repackage droid-hal16:34

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