Friday, 2021-02-19

osum4estHmm so adding a page file fixed my ram issue but I'm still unable to build: seems like its unable to link with art?03:37
osum4estLooks like hatebin chopped off a bunch of the log... here's the last part of it with the error:
osum4estAlso I had to set ALLOW_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES=true to get anything to compile so that also might be my issue03:43
rinigus@smatkovi: I would suggest to try to continue first. Port was in a decent state and hopefully wouldn't be too much work to get it to new sfos06:45
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T42<smatkovi> @edp_17 [Which sfos version would you like to continue …], 4.0, but maybe i have to do the stop releases first07:41
T42<Herrie1982> @smatkovi [4.0, but maybe i have to do the stop releases …], The kernel tree I pointed at should help you quite a bit for 4.0 since we have it running with systemd 24608:22
calebccffosum4est: I see you're building in the HABUILD container, that thing is still based on Ubuntu 14 and is pretty out of date now, I wouldn't be surprised if it was out of date tools causing your issue. I'd suggest install the needed Android build tools on your host and doing the build there instead10:13
T42<elros34> "Disallowed Path tool" and link under that error suggest export TEMPORARY_DISABLE_PATH_RESTRICTIONS=true10:30
malyes, that helps10:42
malI mentioned that here some days ago10:42
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mal@adampigg did you get the fix I sent you?17:31
osum4estcalebccff: thanks, i'll give that a shot17:54
osum4estalso, the faq has additional instructions for 16.0, but not 17.1: should i for 17.1 as well?17:55
malyes, 17.1 instructions haven't been added yet because some extra thing are not completely clear17:57
malonly one hybris-17.1 device so far which boots to UI and I need to check what changes I have made there17:58
osum4estOh. In that case should i just use 16.0 then? My device has support for lineage 16 as well17:59
mal17.1 might need some extra work compared to 16.0 at the moment but maybe not huge amount18:01
osum4estwell im pretty new to porting so i'll see if i can get 16.0 to work then, and try 17.1 after18:03
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calebccffosum4est: You're porting for the OnePlus 7 Pro ?19:42
T42<ankaos> Fwd from ankaos: hı. how fix this problem?
T42<ankaos> Build hybris-1620:13
malthat looks quite odd when the header is in the repo20:55

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