Saturday, 2021-03-06

T42<lackingcheesepuffs> @elros34 [@lackingcheesepuffs add these to patterns: htt …], it built but it is unable to boot05:55
rinigusmal: ohm update made the calls work. thank you!08:56
rinigusI have major echo (for the one calling me) and seems like no noise cancellation during the call.08:57
rinigusgrabbed the logs from hybris10 (with echo) and hybris9 (all works); logs at
riniguswill have to check how it is in android as well.08:58
rinigusmal: what about phone calls on seine? do you guys have echo or calls are fine?08:58
riniguswhat's interesting is that with the echo, looks like noise cancelling microphone is still used (voice-dmic-ef)08:59
T42<kiam001> Give it a new hadk, the current dosent Work with 17.112:52
rinigus@kiam001: please wait and let mal finish his work on preparing 17.1 repos.12:54
mal@kiam001 I need to write some instructions to faq about 17.1 once I have clean repos to use as example12:56
T42<kiam001> OK thy12:58
T42<kiam001> OK thx*12:58
malrinigus: I was wondering if could do a bit similar thing that is done for dummy audioflinger in audiosystem-passthrough but for audio policy17:53
rinigusmal: that I did for fixing camera issue with the video for tama. I wonder whether it went under your radar when I reported regarding it17:55
rinigusit does sound to me as a way to go. works nicely on tama/aarch64 and avoids lockups as I had when mediaservice activated dummy audio policy before camera service17:56
malrinigus: I remember you talked about it but I didn't know you had code for it already17:57
malI mean code in github17:57
rinigusmal: maybe forgot to publish a link...17:59
malI'll try that on fp317:59
malcould be that I missed it17:59
rinigussounds like you have the same issues then17:59
malrinigus: looks like you did post the link but I didn't notice it18:00
malrinigus: I have some microphone issues during calls on my latest build, need to debug that18:01
rinigusmal: no wonder. I suspect if I grep for 'mal' in the channel archive, I will get 75% of the log. 25% is probably people leaving and joining channel18:01
rinigusinteresting, as I have some mic issues as well. mainly echo and not noise cancelling during a call. but will probably look into it after I push update for aosp9 based port18:02
rinigus... tama18:03
malrinigus: yes, might be similar, not fully sure because I had the test device very close18:08
malboth devices I used for the test call were like 20-30 cm apart so nice loops sometimes when it caught the audio from the other device18:09
rinigusmal: I asked to be assisted - 20-30cm is probably not enough18:16
rinigusnote that I am using that audio policy service, so I am not sure it is from there. although, the code in that service is rather trivial18:17
malwell that is pretty much what droidmedia did for it18:19
malso should be fine, we'll see once I have built my new18:21
mal*new version18:21
rinigusmal: note that I needed few ICU links in sparse for 64bit audiopolicy server to work:
malrinigus: I have a better fix18:27
malrinigus: try adding this line instead
malnot sure if using system namespace is good or if vendor would be better18:29
rinigusmal: I will try. don't understand why we have bin in ldconfig, but that is surely described somewhere.18:42
riniguswill write it down and try when I get back to the aarch64 version of the port18:42
malrinigus: those are used to separate what search path and other things binaries location in different based use18:43
mal*different places18:44
rinigusmal: and if it is not mentioned then some smaller default lib path is used, right?18:44
malyes which caused the issue that it couldn't find libraries from apex path18:45
malwithout having it there only odm, system and vendor paths were used18:45
rinigusmal: that's a good fix then :)18:47
T42<Verevka86> Xiaomi MI6 hybris17.1 (armv7hl)- work- ril, wifi, sensors, bluetooth, nfc, not work- audio, camera 😔21:50
mal@Verevka86 do you see a message about in journal when you start pulseaudiò?21:54
T42<Verevka86> @mal [@Verevka86 do you see a message about libaudio …], audio fix 🤝22:01
mal@Verevka86 I fixed it like this
maljust a symlink to the correct place in that folder22:06
malyou seem to have 32-bit build so might be a bit different22:06
T42<Verevka86> @mal [@Verevka86 I fixed it like this https://github …], only I had to do it in lib not lib6422:07
maldo you have mini*service processes running on the device?22:07
malrelated to camera issue22:07
T42<elros34> In 4.0.1 some jolla apps use now generic booster instead silica-qt5. Is there a fix or workaround for it available?22:10
malwhat problem does that cause?22:20
T42<elros34> not really a problem but silica-qt5 speeds up applications start, generic booster is slow22:22
malyeah, there are some issues with sandboxing still22:24
T42<elros34> is it expected that csd is not installed by default anymore? It seems mic doesn't install Recommended packages23:59

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