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T42<gibcheesepuffs> When I am running —droid-hal (hybris-17.1, aarch64)10:44
T42<gibcheesepuffs> I get this error,10:44
maldid make hybris-hal work without errors?11:48
T42<gibcheesepuffs> yes11:56
malwondering why is the file not in out/12:43
T42<elros34> @gibcheesepuffs do you use some custom hybris-boot? Show output of make hybris-hal.13:06
T42<gibcheesepuffs> yes I use custom hybris-boot, I updated it and tried building again which gave me same error, so I ran make clean and trying to build hybris-hal again, I'll send it output if it fails again at building packages13:45
T42<elros34> make clean is little too much, you could just remove some hybris-boot/updater*intermediates directories from out/ to make sure they are rebuild when you run make hybris-hal.13:56
T42<edp_17> Hi all! Can I get a little help here, please? When I start my hammerhead with sfos 3.4, few seconds after the lock screen appears, the screen goes black. It is not hw failure because on sfos 3.3 it works. The os remans working because when I tap on the screen (blindly) I can start apps althought, don't see what started. I didn't find t14:05
T42he error in the log:
T42<edp_17> Do you have idea what is causing this behaviour?14:05
T42<elros34> phonehook issue?14:46
T42<edp_17> Looks like. What is that phonehook?14:48
T42<elros34> you tell me, you have it installed and it fails14:49
T42<edp_17> Well, I have not installed it. At least not deliberately.14:51
T42<edp_17> I've got it when OTA updated from 3.3 to 3.4.14:52
T42<elros34> pkcon is broken and it updates everything but don't install apps by itself. ANyway just remove it if you don't use14:53
T42<edp_17> I've quickly double checked the 3.3 install what I OTAd to 3.4 and that phonehook is installed there.14:55
T42<edp_17> I've found the app too. I remeber now, this is for blocking numbers.14:56
T42<edp_17> I thought its name was phonebook but now I see it is phonehook. Grrrrr. I try the OTA again.14:56
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : You know what's the best part of this? I OTAd 3.4 to 4.0 but then always stuck on the lock screen, therefore I deleted that rom. That issue also was because of this phonehook app. 😢 Once I got the OTA to 3.4 working, I'll retry the 4.0 again.15:02
T42<edp_17> Thanks for the help!15:03
T42<elros34> There was whole thread about overlay apps breaking system when upgrading to
T42<edp_17> I haven't seen that. Interestingly, few months ago, after about 10 attempts, finally, I did manage to OTA to 3.4. Unfortunately, today I messed up that rom so wanted to do the OTA again and this time it never worked.15:09
T42<edp_17> Do you have a link to that thread? I think better if I read now befor try the upgrade again.15:10
T42<elros34> but there probably more similar threads. Here you can find list of apps which might be affected if they are not updated to latest version:
T42<edp_17> Thank you.15:15
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : What is the 'sys-fs-pstore.mount' that you removed in your script? In the log I posted this also errors.15:33
T42<elros34> for some reason that symlink wasn't removed after I have added makefstab_skip_entries /sys/fs/pstore to droid-hal spec file.15:35
T42<edp_17> I also have that symlink in there pointing to /lib/systemd/system/sys-fs-pstore.mount15:36
T42<edp_17> And there is another one that drops an error: sys-fs-cgroup-bfqio.mount15:37
T42<elros34> either you are missing bfqio in defconfig or maybe your kernel is too old15:40
T42<edp_17> Should I keep these services or remove them?15:41
T42<elros34> I don't know, I have never really analyzed it. If they failing either fix them or remove. There is no point keeping them if they are broken.15:43
T42<edp_17> Okay. I'll see after the OTA completed.15:44
T42<edp_17> I am just checking your and Basically you have automated the OTA process, haven't you?15:46
T42<elros34> yeah I run it takes care of disabling patches, checking available space and upgrading to next stop release.15:47
T42<edp_17> Yeah, it is neat. I do almost the same manually. Don't you mind if I grab your scripts an modify it for my devices?15:48
T42<elros34> sure use it at your own risk. There is also more general upgrade script at openrepos sfos-upgrade15:49
T42<edp_17> Thanks. I know that script but more like this one.15:53
T42<edp_17> Yeap, the phonehook has caused that. I removed before the OTA and the system now works. 👍15:56
T42<ankaos> error :)16:16
T42<ankaos> hello16:16
T42<ankaos> mal: how can i solve it?16:44
malwhat error?16:55
T42<zinstack625> @ankaos can't seem to reach that paste. Mind reuploading?16:55
mal@ankaos too new gst-droid16:56
malgo to hybris/mw/gst-droid and run "git clean -x -f -d" and then "git reset --hard 0.20201104.0" and then check that the common/ folder in there has content, then back to $ANDROID_ROOT and run rpm/dhd/helpers/ -b hybris/mw/gst-droid16:57
T42<ankaos> mal: I downloaded it manually. i try that way17:24
T42<ankaos> mal: and build successfuly17:24
T42<ankaos> PlatformSDK [enes@enes hadk]$ rpm/dhd/helpers/ —gg -> build successfuly17:25
T42<ankaos> Warning[03/24 17:25:33] : repo problem: nothing provides gstreamer1.0-droid needed by patterns-sailfish-device-adaptation-hero2lte-1-202103240718.armv7hl,17:26
T42<zinstack625> @ankaos since --gg didn't compile gst-droid, do it manually with -b hybris/mw/gst-droid17:30
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [@ankaos since --gg didn't compile gst-droid, d …],
T42<zinstack625> Ah, yes, need to install git in target. Do "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -m sdk-install -R zypper in git17:33
T42<ankaos> ı have `git`17:33
T42<ankaos> I'm like an idiot right now.17:35
T42<zinstack625> Probably just language barrier, don't let it bother you too much17:36
T42<zinstack625> Also, I have a very annoying habit of not finishing my quotes, so just ignore that for now17:37
T42<ankaos> I compiled on 2 devices without much error. but this forced me a lot.17:37
T42<ankaos> no problem. :)17:37
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [@ankaos since --gg didn't compile gst-droid, d …],
T42<zinstack625> Yeah, after building gst-droid, just continue building packages as if you've just built --gg17:38
T42<zinstack625> --version if I'm right17:39
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [Yeah, after building gst-droid, just continue …], ı use--version.than ı use —mic17:40
T42<ankaos> build start17:41
T42<K %lastname%> Wich phone supports Sailfish? Pixel only?18:02
T42<zinstack625> K M an interesting question to ask in a channel of people that are making sailfish work on different phones18:07
T42<zinstack625> I know for sure Fairphone and Oneplus 5(T) and 6 work for sure, some xiaomi phones18:08
T42<elros34> K not full and probably some devices lost support already but here is list of such a devices:
T42<K %lastname%> Thanks18:17
T42<K %lastname%> No rom for mine Casper via a3 plus phone.18:18
T42<ankaos> (Photo, 720x1280)
T42<ankaos> This is sailfishos 😂19:03
T42<ankaos> device has bootloop19:05
T42<zinstack625> System as root?19:05
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [System as root?], no19:05
T42<ankaos> normaly system19:05
T42<zinstack625> Then see how device is recognized on host, if at all. If it's not recognized, your kconfig might be whack. What's mer-kernel-check-config says?19:07
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [Then see how device is recognized on host, if …], nothing19:09
T42<zinstack625> mer-kernel-check-config reports nothing? Have you just added those options to the kconfig file by hand?19:11
T42<zinstack625> If you have, kernel might be having trouble loading, because unresolved dependencies. Please use "ARCH=arm64 make menuconfig" when configuring19:12
T42<zinstack625> If your device is arm64, that is19:12
T42<zinstack625> Device at this stage would never show up in explorer, only device manager if you're on windows, lsusb if on linux, mac os probably has its own too19:13
T42<zinstack625> dmesg on linux and mac os would probably be the best19:14
T42<zinstack625> How soon does it reboot?19:15
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [If your device is arm64, that is], yes arm6419:21
T42<ankaos> i made some bug fixes.19:21
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [Yeah, after building gst-droid, just continue …], use —gg?19:39
T42<ankaos> rpm/dhd/helpers/ —mw than rpm/dhd/helpers/ —vercion ı use19:40
T42<zinstack625> Yeah, you still need droidmedia, without it you shouldn't be able to create rootfs afaik19:51
T42<zinstack625> It's just that —gg pulls the newest gst-droid from git, and that's a no go for now19:52
T42<zinstack625> Hacking the script for a minor convenience of building gst-droid yourself is an option we can bear for now19:52
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [Hacking the script for a min …], Can you explain in order?19:54
T42<ankaos> 1. -> -b hybris/mw/gst-droid 2. -> —gg ?19:56
T42<zinstack625> There are lines 354-359 in that script that build gst-droid, comment those out for now19:56
T42<zinstack625> Run —gg afterwards, as if nothing has ever happened19:57
T42<zinstack625> Then -b hybris/mw/gst-droid19:57
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [Then -b hybris/mw/gst-droid], than?19:57
T42<zinstack625> Shouldn't matter, as those are the same step and gst-droid doesn't depend on anything from —gg I think19:58
T42<elros34> is that hybris-17?19:58
T42<zinstack625> I ran it after —gg, because it'd be the last step for me19:58
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [is that hybris-17?], no: hybris-14.119:59
T42<elros34> ok. Do you have any sign of usb in dmesg when you connect it to pc? How soon does it reboot?20:01
T42<ankaos> I'll be back soon.20:04
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T42<ankaos> @elros34 [ok. Do you have any sign of usb in dmesg when …], ı am back20:26
T42<ankaos> 3-4 second20:27
T42<zinstack625> Rebooting takes around 25 secs. No mer boatloader messages20:29
T42<ankaos> @ankaos [ ı am ba …], this?20:29
T42<zinstack625> It may be possible to connect to device in that time to at least see the init.log20:30
T42<ankaos> @zinstack625 [It may be possible to connect to device in tha …], Unfortunately it did not happen.20:31
T42<elros34> create init_enter_debug2 (I guess you already know how it works) then after reboot grab /proc/last_kmsg20:31
T42<ankaos> CONFIG_CMDLINE="audit=0 selinux=0" and CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y20:32
T42<elros34> enabling persitent journal is also good idea20:33
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [enabling persitent journal is also good idea], I did not understand because I am using a translation program.20:34
T42<elros34> in hadk-faq 1.3 there is instruction how to do this20:35
T42<ankaos> 🚬20:49
T42<ankaos> kernel config20:52
T42<elros34> CONFIG_CMDLINE="audit=0 selinux=0"? It's not your first device so how about you disable selinux in boardconfig*.mk21:01
T42<ankaos> @elros34 [CONFIG_CMDLINE="audit=0 selinux=0"? It's not y …], Exynos does not use board config.21:05
T42<elros34> CONFIG_CMDLINE was empty or it had something added?21:06
T42<ankaos> ı add `audit=0 selinux=0`21:07
T42<elros34> ok so better grab dmesg/journal then it will be clear what is wrong21:09
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T42<Дмитрий Павлов %lastname%>

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