Friday, 2021-04-02

T42<edp_17> mal: I have a question about the barometer sensor. The specs say the treltexx has a barometer (jus like the N7000) but when I installed your messwerk, the Pressure Sensor is always -0.000 Pa. Comparing the events on the two devices, I didn't see the barometer sensor on the trelte. Do you have idea what I am missing?04:55
T42<edp_17> Sesors: treltexx:
T42<edp_17> N7000:
rinigus@edp_17: (just to be sure) you did add it to sensors conf in sparse?05:40
rinigusAnd sensors.conf of qtproject05:41
T42<edp_17> rinigus: I haven't done that on the n7000 either but will double check it. Thanks!05:52
rinigusTama port has pressure sensor via hybris, so you could check it out at
rinigus@edp_17 ^05:55
poetastersensors 'going away' ever happen to you?07:59
poetastermy volla phone, also re-flashed has sensors briefly, then they go away.07:59
riniguspoetaster: no, not really.08:12
rinigusbut its a different device08:12
poetasterhmmm. it's odd, but I believe it's the android layer.08:14
poetastermy fairphone i've deployed against as a second device and this never happened.08:15
poetasterbut I've been really leaning on the volla08:15
poetasterrestart sensorfwd:  SensorManagerError:  "requested sensor id 'alssensor' not registered"08:21
poetasterand a bunch of: Node ' "orientationchain" ' state changed to invalid08:22
poetasterscrew it. I'll reflash android&SFOS. was hoping to wait till vers. 4:)08:22
T42<bristolseeker> Please develop a ROM for,08:37
T42<bristolseeker> Redmi 9i08:37
T42<bristolseeker> Codename: dandelion08:37
T42<edp_17> rinigus: Thank you.08:47
T42<edp_17> rinigus: Interesting, I have double checked the primaryuse.conf on my n7000 and there is nothing regarding to the pressure sensore, but it works in mal's Meswerk. 😳09:40
rinigus@edp_17: I don't know whether it is picked up by default. I just enabled them in the both files and it works in Tama (or worked when I last checked it)10:20
rinigusthere seem to be larger movement of files to droid-config-sony-seine from droid-hal-configs. in light with the PR referenced by Thaodan last night, is it planned to move those configs back to sparse-sony-10?10:23
Thaodanrinigus:  that was the idea also for files that go to /system since we needed to add some files to the sparse but not wanted to break ports who do not package /sy11:25
T42<edp_17> rinigus: I've added the pressure related stuff on treltexx and mal's messwerk still shows only -0.00pa. Does it require to rebuild something?13:27
malrinigus: the files moved out from submodule were device specific13:27
rinigusmal: but it sounds like sony devices would get some special sparse-sony-10 subfolder to share common sony configs. hence the question13:33
rinigus@edp_17: not to my knowledge. don't remember rebuilding sensorfw for pressure sensor13:34
malrinigus: do we really want to make that so complex?13:34
rinigusmal: that's what I was referred to
malrinigus: yes, I know13:45
rinigusmal: so, looking into that PR description, sounds like some dev specific configs will move back to d-h-c. or am I reading too much into it?13:56
rinigusin the end, it is not accepted for merge at this moment13:56
ThaodanIt is but just for $vendor not device stuff14:53
ThaodanSo that tama, kumano and seine can share 95% of the adaption and only need to have nessesary things in their own sparse14:54
rinigusI guess I will keep following seine and adopt accordingly.15:05
Thaodanjust need different stragler files15:16
ThaodanIMHO it would make sense to just make droid-hal-sony instead of droid-hal-sony-$HABUILD_DEVICE15:53

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