Monday, 2021-04-05

rinigusas on seine, on tama/aosp10/aarch64, had to disable hw sound volume to get rid of volume jumps and to be able to regulate touch screen tones (
rinigus helped to keep playback volume, but touch screen tones were either on max or muted. nothing in between07:00
rinigusnow got an issue with resuming video playback. sometimes it doesn't resume after pausing it. as going out and back in browser07:03
rinigusissue described at
rinigusI wonder whether something like it is for seine as well. or if the fix is known07:04
T42<fredldotme> Is someone around who could get me an account on There are some nfcd patches I'd like to propose, since we are using it on UT now too. :)11:57
mal@fredldotme I think lbt can help with those12:00
lbtmsg me your email/username12:00
T42<fredldotme> lbt In private or is it okay here?12:01
lbteither :)12:02
T42<fredldotme> email:, user: fredldotme12:03
lbt"There is already an account with the login name"12:04
lbtit's the same as the merproject one12:05
T42<fredldotme> oooh wow, how long has that been? I hope I remember the password :)12:06
T42<fredldotme> Sorry for the noise, I'm in12:07
lbtno worries - glad you're back12:08
bencarkhey, i'm trying to do repo sync but it's saying revision cm-14.1 in not found, even though that branch definitely exists. this is my manifest:
T42<zinstack625> bencark: you might have restarted the download. Delete this repo from .repo/project-objects/LineageOS etc15:20
bencark@zinstack625 huh, doesn't seem to be there15:36
T42<elros34> bencark: your manifest is wrong, remove from 'name='  of your device repo entry. BTW there is already port for it so would be worth to use these repos instead lineage one so you don't have to start everything from scratch20:19

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