Saturday, 2021-04-10

Umeaboysudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/python python /usr/bin/python3 1 turns out to be OK, but the repo init command for hybris-17.1 still fails saying "repo: error: Python 2 is no longer supported; Please upgrade to Python 3.5+."00:01
Umeaboymal: I really could use your help now if possible.00:04
T42<dgmarie2> Im having the same issue00:08
UmeaboyI've said this before, but I really feel that the chroot used with trusty is to dang old.00:11
UmeaboyWe need at least for Bionic.00:11
Umeaboydgmarie2: The only workaround is to add the ppa for python and install the proper version of python.00:47
UmeaboyI used 3.7.00:47
UmeaboyAnyway. I have to get to bed now.01:24
T42<zinstack625> Just use repo outside of hadk, updating Ubuntu rootfs for everyone smells of breakage04:40
T42<elros34> @Umeaboy in download page of repo just below version you downloaded there should be repo-1 compatible with older python. BTW you don't need to use ubuntu chroot at all, you can build android part using your host system.11:32
refaHi all, I want to bring my 7-years-old Moto G 1st gen (falcon) back to life. But I got dead link from XDA that linked by the mer wiki ( moved to somewhere else?). Where can I get the latest build? Any new ports after Sailfish 2 for falcon?16:49
malrefa: that devaamo site went away and the images are no longer available, unless someone uploaded it elsewhere after that17:04
refamal: I see. According to mer wiki, last port for falcon was sailfish 2 that ported by piggz. Is there any port after that?17:09
refaIf there is no other port than the one that listed in the mer wiki, I think I have to port Sailfish 4 if I want to run it on my device haha17:13
malrefa: I checked channel logs and didn't find any recent activity so you probably would the to do it again, but since the repos still exist then you can find some hints in those, directly using the old repos might not be the best idea but some fixes can be found from those17:18
T42<meierrom> refa: best is probably to ping piggz. He's the best person to advise you on what you should do I guess. ;)17:24
refamal: Actually, I've tried to port Sailfish 4 and now I'm stuck with the same problem as what I got in 2015 (the problem resolved by using lipstick hack at that time). I'm still reading the HADK, FAQ, and logs to resolve the problem17:25
refameierrom: Yeah! I think so17:26
refaBut it's 00.26 here and I think I need to sleep :))17:27
malrinigus: what kind of problem do you have?17:31
malrinigus: sorry17:31
rinigusmal: and I was getting comfortable to tell all about my problems ... :)17:32
T42<dgmarie2> An error in the kernel config is preventing me from building droid hal, but the error shouldn't matter because the config causing it is not in my kernel19:37
T42<dgmarie2> Is there a way around this?19:37
T42<elros34> There is no nice way except removing particular config entry from mer-verify-kernel-config script19:44
T42<dgmarie2> Thank you19:47
T42<dgmarie2> how do I fix this?19:59
T42<elros34> few porters had same issue but so far nobody created PR :) so you need to change paths here so they match your output:
T42<dgmarie2> @elros34 [few porters had same issue but so far nobody c …], Ok thank you. I saw that and I'm trying it now :)20:07
T42<elros34> you should have these libs somewhere in out/target/product/$DEVICE/system/apex/
malmost often the changes needed are art_path=%{android_root}/out/target/product/%{device}/system/ and apex_path=apex/
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T42<dgmarie2> ERROR: Subproject directory not found and gstreamer-plugins-bad.wrap file not found21:40
T42<dgmarie2> I saw a fix for this earlier and I tried it but it didn't work21:40
Umeaboymal: If you're here, do you have a working solution to my python3 issue?21:57
Umeaboydgmarie2 told me as you can see from yesterday that she experienced that problem as well.21:58
T42<dgmarie2> here's the log from rpm/dhd/helpers/ --gg21:58
T42<dgmarie2> Umeaboy: I fixed it by syncing the repo outside of chroot21:59
Umeaboydgmarie2: Wait......whuuut?21:59
UmeaboyIn the shell directly or in the sfossdk?22:00
T42<dgmarie2> Umeaboy: go to home/hadk and sync there22:01
T42<dgmarie2> that's what I did at least22:01
UmeaboyThat should be added to the HADK pdf then.22:01
malUmeaboy: either getting the old repo binary from google website or not using HABUILD_SDK22:14
UmeaboyOK. Wouldn't it be better to use a newer chroot?22:15
malUmeaboy: yeah, syncing repo outside HABUILD_SDK is also an option, maybe the easiest one for now22:15
T42<dgmarie2> Mal do you know the solution to my issue?22:16
malUmeaboy: it probably should be done at some point, need to talk about that with others22:16
UmeaboyCan you add that to the PDF so that future cases will be prevented?22:16
malUmeaboy: yeah, I'll try to get that in there22:16
mal@dgmarie2 you have too new gst-droid
mal@dgmarie2 after that you probably want to run also --mw= and not try running --gg again for now22:20
T42<dgmarie2> Oh ok thanks22:20
mal@dgmarie2 actually you can use --gg also if you add --offline option22:21
T42<dgmarie2> ooh ok22:22
malbut first you need to build those once22:22
T42<dgmarie2> thank you so much for the help :)22:22
T42<dgmarie2> ok now I'm getting sudo: unable to execute /usr/bin/mic: No such file or directory22:29
T42<dgmarie2> nevermind I think I was just in the wrong directory22:38
T42<dgmarie2> actually nope I was in the right directory22:39
T42<dgmarie2> Does anybody know how to fix this? Not really sure what else to try22:56
maldoesn't "sudo zypper in mic" work in platform sdk?22:58
T42<dgmarie2> It says it's already installed22:59
malwhen does the error happen?22:59
T42<dgmarie2> when I run rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mic23:00
T42<dgmarie2> I fixed it23:11
malwhat was the reason?23:18

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