Thursday, 2021-04-15

spiiroinpiggz: "evdev_trace -I" lists what processes have input devices opened05:14
spiiroinyou can see mce decides to do with each input device by running it in debug mode, e.g. mce -Tq -levent-input.c:* --auto-exit=005:17
spiiroinor to see input event processing, something like: mce -Tq -levent-input.c:evin_iomon_*_cb05:22
T42<adampigg> Spiiroin: thx, will check later....btw, would be nice to have key_wakeup handled properly. ... It will occor for every ring signal, so dont want to map to power as that will flash the screen06:22
spiiroin@adampigg gesture event might be more appropriate for the purpose (as those can cause only display wakeup, not blanking)06:51
spiiroinbut I do not recall if event data can be modified in mce side mapping. probably not.06:52
spiiroinwhich would leave code changes like a) make mce do something sensible to KEY_WAKEUP, or b) make kernel emit MSC_GESTURE instead of KEY event06:53
spiiroinor both... (a) could be useful to have in general while (b) would make it subject to already existing gesture action configuration stuff06:55
spiiroinalso (by default, etc): power key wakes up display regardless of proximity sensor vs. gesture events are ignored when proximity sensor is covered06:59
T42<adampigg> Spiiroin: i was already contemplating modding mce, you may get a pr :)14:19
piggzmal: lbt: any chance of increasing my gitlab project limit pls16:54
piggzspiiroin: mce: T+0.030 N: event-input.c: evin_iomon_device_add(): /dev/input/event2: name='gpio-keys' type=USER ACTIVITY ONLY17:47
T42<Plamen %lastname%> (Photo, 1280x1186)
T42<Plamen %lastname%> Help19:36
T42<Plamen %lastname%> Xperia 10 plus19:36
malwhat windows version?19:56
malpiggz: seems reasonable20:12
piggzmal: yeah, will run past spiiroin tomorrow20:12
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T42<Tanti %lastname%>

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