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nergzd723hey, all!08:35
nergzd723I've managed to solve my previous issue, and now I'm trying to build a Sailfish OS rootfs08:35
* nergzd723 < >08:36
rinigusI managed to build port packages using automated build system as well.08:38
rinigusIn short, the approach is as follows. port packages are described using a dedicated project that basically lists all packages which you want to build08:38
rinigusAfter checking out that project, you drop droid-hal and other droid- based RPMs into a dedicated directory, run build and all packages will be built for you.08:38
rinigusAs in OBS, dependencies are checked and respected.08:38
rinigusExample project: . See src and spec subfolders to get overview08:38
rinigusIn README, see the issues that I faced08:38
rinigusFor description of the builder, see . there are few issues filed as well08:39
rinigushappy to discuss08:39
T42<adampigg> rinigus: what do you do for hosting packages for users?09:09
rinigus@adampigg: hosting is a separate issue. this has to be done via some arrangement. In principle, that generated RPMS folder just needs to be synced somewhere09:10
rinigusas far as I understood, Thaodan_ was suggesting to use his server. but I hope Jolla can make something that is backed by them09:10
T42<adampigg> rinigus: does it include repo information, or just RPMS?09:10
rinigus@adampigg: when running `createrepo` on that folder, you will get repo info as well. I am just adding that to the build script.09:11
T42<adampigg> rinigus: instead of having a long list of subprojects ... would it be easier to maintian a file with URLs / revisions, and have the script check everything out?09:15
rinigus@adampigg: maybe. Although it is easy to add submodules with included script. And it ensures consistency of your checkout09:18
poetasterpiggz: turned out useful in the end. we know the GS290 is identical to the Volla.09:18
rinigusAlso we can automatically update all submodules, if I remember it correctly09:19
T42<adampigg> Peotaster: the testing : repos are now available and you should switch to them09:22
poetaster@adampigg: I had disabled: adaptation-community and common. where do I find the testing?09:30
rinigus@adampigg: actually, you don't need to use submodules now. For such list, you could use repo command that would grab code from somewhere. All what has to be there are symlinks to rpm specs. Whether they point to submodule or some other place on your pc, doesn't matter09:36
rinigusFor repo, you would have to make the config file for it09:37
T42<b100dian> Hi, I've added `%define android_version_major 10` to my spec, and now I get `file /etc/ofono/ril_subscription.conf conflicts between attempted installs of droid-config-tucana-1-202104180940.aarch64 and ofono-configs-mer-1.23+git24-1.3.2.jolla.aarch64` - what would the conflict resolution be?10:59
refaHi all, after giving up building sfos for falcon using hybris-14.2, I successfully build it using hybris-12.1 (like the older builds).11:14
refaUsing droid-config-falcon from mer-hybris github always returned error when building the image. Following the HADK for packaging the droid hal (droid-configs stuff) while looking at existing configs on github, and got the display working. Now I'm working to make other peripherals working.11:14
mal@b100dian you need these two lines
malrefa: the falcon repo in mer-hybris is quite old11:15
refamal: yeah. the last known port for falcon is sailsih 2 afaik11:16
T42<b100dian> Thanks mal11:17
refabtw, there is a difference between the files that generated by rpm/dhd/helpers/ and what written in hadk v4.0.1.2 page 2411:19
malyes, it seems the files generated do not match the comment in there11:24
T42<b100dian> Looking at the fp3 port, the sparse folder is very much populated since the initial commit, were all those files manually added?
malyes, most of those I added there myself11:29
malI had done almost everything before adding the files to git11:30
malso the history doesn't tell what those changes do11:30
malI need to check those to see if there are any useless things there11:31
T42<b100dian> thanks - sounds like there's a lot of work put in those files, which I will probably find out along the way:)11:31
piggzpoetaster: edit /usr/share/ssu/features.d/community-adaptatin.ini11:33
piggzchange devel: to testing: and change the end of the url to sailfishos_{RELEASE}/11:34
piggznote change of sailfish -> sailfishos11:34
piggzmake similar change to the common ini11:35
rinigusmal: is there any way I can specify for mb2 preference in using packages from "shared rpm folder" when resolving dependencies?11:53
rinigussuch as prefer libhybris EGL instead of mesa?11:54
rinigus... even if mesa is installed already (to make it more complicated)11:54
Thaodanpiggz rinigus: Yes if you have adaptions or other repos, You can sync them with my server. I already have a user that is allowed to push to my server via the ci12:22
rinigusThaodan: I wonder who should we ping to ask for some "official" solution for distribution? or that was already decided as no-go at Jolla12:26
rinigusOBS shutdown is a sensitive subject and I am not sure how to proceed with such external hosting. we can surely test it and then make sure we have all the tools ready12:32
rinigusbtw, I have been using sometimes for such sync and pushing data. I wonder whether we can try that with you as well? assuming that you either already know how to use it OR want to learn :)12:33
poetasterpiggz: thanks!13:28
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rinigusmal: I think I figured out how I can simulate `prefer` in my build system. I can just force install these packages at the beginning of the build. that should also help with the parsing for droid-hal...-img-boot which is impossible without kernel-modules installed14:48
T42<adampigg> Thoadan: seems like a shame you are willing to take liability for ports but not jolla15:00
rinigus@adampigg: let's see if they are OK to host. have few more ideas on how to improve the builder... let's see if I can reach a state where all the required hacks on SDK target are described in project config and we can automate the builds fully15:22
rinigusI am planning to avoid pushing AOSP system image parts to outside servers and build images on site with them.15:23
malrinigus: with which package are you having issues?15:28
rinigusmal: droid-hal-apollo-img-boot - it requires kernel-module to be installed to be able to parse it with rpmspec. so, I have to install that into target snapshot before inspecting with rpmspec.15:30
malrinigus: yeah, I have noticed issues with img-boot builds locally15:30
rinigusfew had also missing dependencies: gst-droid (older version than current master) and ohm-plugins-misc15:31
rinigussummarized current state at
rinigusbut I think I have solution around it with the forced install. just have to implement it in the builder15:31
rinigusmal: ^15:31
malrinigus: gst-droid is indeed a bit of a problem at the moment15:35
rinigusmal: yes, the current version failed to build. so, had to downgrade a bit in my builds (beginning of march version)15:36
malrinigus: yeah, the main issue with that is the multi-camera support which requires changes to closed parts and would result in broken camera app15:40
maland qtmultimedia15:42
rinigusmal: I have installed on tama/aarch64 and it seems to be fine. which should have multicam support15:43
rinigusnot that I can use it on my device15:44
malrinigus: hmm, so jolla-camera works fine with that?15:45
rinigusyes, it does15:45
riniguslet me check15:45
malrinigus: ah, I think it works because you didn't update qtmultimedia :D15:46
rinigusno, I didn't. as I am on 4.0.1 build15:46
malthe qtmultimedia which has multi-camera support needs changes to jolla-camera15:46
rinigusmal: ok, then will not touch it yet :)15:46
malrinigus: still interesting why the latest gst-droid won't build15:47
malwhat in my meson changes broke it for older versions15:47
rinigusmal: let me get some logs for you15:47
malrinigus: yeah, seems like that needs newer gst-plugins-bad15:55
malrinigus: maybe I should add some workaround for the issue15:57
rinigusmal  no worries, I guess new release is shaping up and it will all resolved with it. ?16:17
T42<b100dian> I managed to add a fstab.qcom that was coming with my device repo and was not found by the I now have /system and /vedor mounted when teleneting. The next crash is in /system/bin/servicemanager though..
T42<b100dian> It is also unclear to me if the lineage-17.1 port actually uses that fstab file, since it mounts vendor in /vendor but I have a mount output from the lineage device that showed  /system/vendor + some overlays for etc|lib|bin..17:19
malwas that linaage-17.1 based17:24
malsailfish doesn't use fstab on device, it does parse it during build17:24
T42<b100dian> Yes, I noticed it generated systemd units17:25
T42<b100dian> The port was based on a prebuilt kernel + prebuilt vendor img - so basically just system if I understand corectly. I've managed to add the kernel from sources.17:27
T42<b100dian> For example, dtsi files from kernel dtb refer to fstab entries like vendor = /dev/block/platform/soc/1d84000.ufshc/by-name/vendor17:27
T42<b100dian> so one way this thing boots is from dts17:28
T42<b100dian> then vendor/etc/fstab.qcom17:28
T42<b100dian> but event that does not seem to be all-encompassing, maybe some other scripts are more binds or overlays17:28
T42<b100dian> so I think it's safe to say that android doesn't use fstab much either..17:28
T42<b100dian> but I don't know if that is my problem, have you seen the crash from pastbin above ^^?17:29
malwhat are you talking about prebuilt kernel?17:37
malquite certain you are missing the needed selinux things, those are different in 17.1 than in older android bases17:38
T42<b100dian> (I do not have a prebuilt kernel now, that's what the port I started from used.)17:39
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