Wednesday, 2021-05-05

T42<A_T_R> Fetching: 19% (132/663) started platform/tools/external/gradle00:35
T42<A_T_R> repo sync stuck here Hybros=17.100:35
UmeaboyClemsy: Are you sure you're trying to sync Hybris 17.1? You wrote Hybros here.01:01
UmeaboyThaodan: Do I really have to add vendor repo to the manifest?01:01
UmeaboyI thought we only needed device and kernel repo.01:01
T42<A_T_R> @A_T_R [repo sync stuck here Hybros=17.1], Sorry hyris-17.101:03
Umeaboy@A_T_R: Try syncing from the host.01:04
UmeaboyNot inside the HABUILD_SDK.01:05
Umeaboycd $HOME/hadk01:05
Umeaboyrepo sync --fetch-submodules01:05
T42<A_T_R> @Umeaboy [@A_T_R: Try syncing from the host.], I am syncing from host not in habuild_sdk05:03
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T42<A_T_R> @A_T_R [I am syncing from host not in habuild_sdk], this is command ```repo sync --force-sync --current-branch --no-tags --no-clone-bundle --optimized-fetch --prune -j1 -v```07:02
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T42<Hyaakimaru> hey07:49
T42<EBWAFAS> (Document)
T42<EBWAFAS> How can I fix this error?16:58
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riniguson aosp10 or lineageos17 - is it a common that video (youtube for example) cannot be resumed if you leave the browser and get back to it later18:47
rinigustried to bump few packages on sony tama aarch64, but no luck so far18:47
UmeaboyIf anyone is here I'm wondering if you would do export ALLOW_MISSINGDEPENDENCIES=true when experiencing a stop at the make hybris-hal droidmedia step.19:26
UmeaboyThaodan: What would you do?20:06
UmeaboyThis is the result of running make hybris-hal droidmedia:21:13
T42<elros34> for sure you are missing export TEMPORARY_DISABLE_PATH_RESTRICTIONS=true. Also did you apply hybris patches after downloading all sources before first make?21:21
UmeaboyIf you by patches refer to adding the correct mountpoints then yes.21:29
UmeaboyI have followed the guide step by step.21:29
UmeaboyIt still gives me the same error.21:34
T42<elros34> guide is outdated. By patches I meant hybris-patches. Here you can find my notes about usual issues (not all but still can be useful for you):
T42<elros34> If you didn't apply patches then run make clean now, apply them and try to build again21:34
UmeaboyThe error /bin/bash: external/audioflingerglue/ No such file or directory21:38
Umeaboyis not seen in your collabedit21:38
T42<elros34> AFAIK this error is irrelevant21:40
UmeaboySo, what's next? Everything went fine until page 17 after fixing the mountpoints.21:42
UmeaboyI now run make clean and try building again?21:42
UmeaboyI don't want to miss anytyhing.21:42
T42<elros34> did your read all notes and hadk-faq? It doesn't have hybris17 section yet but applying patches should be same as for hybris16:
UmeaboyPatches done.21:53
UmeaboyNow building.....21:55

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