Thursday, 2021-05-20

T42<b100dian> actually I don't know what the problem was with that message00:03
T42<b100dian> it turns out I had to re-enable vold service which was waited upon00:04
T42<b100dian> I now have lipstick:)00:05
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Umeaboymal: Are you still up?01:00
UmeaboyI failed to build hal for some reason.01:02
UmeaboyHelp needed.01:02
UmeaboyI need to redo the patching again now that the blobs are added?01:04
T42<birdzhang> are you sure you cloned libhybris submodules ?01:20
Umeaboy@birdzhang: Yes.01:51
Umeaboycd $ANDROID_ROOT/external01:51
Umeaboygit clone --recurse-submodules
UmeaboyI know that the part with mountpoints are missing, but I can assure you that they are indeed there and the defconfig is working since I copied the one that I built hybris-hal with the last time.01:56
UmeaboyAlright. I'm off to bed. Talk to ya'll later.03:57
rinigusmal: yes, except very start of boot in actdead mode04:36
rinigusmal : I suspect that the last lines are never written to disk as I press force reboot in the end (power+volup)04:38
rinigusPressing just power did not do anything. So, ideas on getting better looks are welcome04:38
T42<edp_17> @mighty17: what's your issue with bcm4330?05:58
mighty17@edp_17 bluetooth doesnt work07:00
mighty17wifi does work somehow xD07:01
mighty17reading the hadk-faq it says something specifc needs to be done for bcm devices07:01
mighty17i have for bluetooth but its pretty old, so should i do that or follow what hadk faq says08:44
mighty17well this didnt work xD09:00
mighty17@elros34 i think you can help me here again, my device uses ducati ( for video encoding/decoding and camera but in dmesg i get `omap-rproc omap-rproc.1: rproc_loader_cont: failed to load ducati-m3.bin`11:01
mighty17and in journalctl i get this
mighty17the firmware fails to load which causes videos to play not so good :(11:02
T42<elros34> @mighty17 error is quite clear, that firmware can't be found. Can you found it on any partition?11:20
mighty17<T42 "<elros34> @mighty17 error is qui"> yes @elros34 it is literally in /vendor.firmware11:21
mighty17> <> <elros34> @mighty17 error is quite clear, that firmware can't be found. Can you found it on any partition?11:22
mighty17 * yes @elros34 it is literally in /vendor/firmware11:22
Mister_Magistermighty17: you are making mess11:36
Mister_Magistermighty17: look
mighty17sorry :(11:40
Mister_Magisteri wonder where he expects that firmware file11:41
mighty17checked that file and it /vendor/firmware is one of the locations11:41
Mister_Magisterwell idk xd11:43
T42<elros34> so check in full logs when formware is loaded, before or after /vendor/firmware is mounted11:49
mighty17 i suppose its before :011:50
T42<elros34> I guess your kernel is too old but check whether you have fw_loader_user_helper in config11:55
T42<elros34> so I think you should either build that ducati as a module which might be difficult or mount system partition in /init-debug script which is not so elegant be should do the job12:34
mighty17The latter is promising I'll give it a go thanks :D12:47
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T42<edp_17> @mighty17 [@edp_17 bluetooth doesnt work], I'll look into my notes. What device is it and what base?15:42
mighty17It's a samsung galaxy tab 2 with 3.0.101 kernel and CyanogenMod 13 base @edp_1715:45
mighty17@elros32 did you mean this where am i supposed to mount first?16:27
mighty17or rather edit to mount it there first loadd firmware and unmount it and then let the init scripts do their joobs16:33
rinigusmal: any ideas on how to catch better logs with actdead?16:50
malrinigus: can't you ssh into that? or did it need some changes16:58
rinigusmal: tbh, I didn't try. I was assuming that wifi is not active during charging... maybe usb net is16:59
riniguswould have to try16:59
mighty17oh derp @elros34 not @elros32 xD17:02
T42<elros34> @mighty17 yes this script but try on device first, it's called /init-debug. Add it somewhere before preinit is executed so before ' exec $INIT' line17:03
mighty17@elros34 am i supposed to mount using mmcblk info or just `mount /` will do?17:07
mighty17mount /vendor17:07
T42<elros34> do you even have /vendor directory, I assumed you have only symlink which points to /system/vendor17:08
mighty17i do have a /vendor directory17:09
mighty17 @elros34 see its there17:10
T42<elros34> so do you have vendor partition? I do not see that in your logs17:10
mighty17technically this device is too old to have vendor partition17:11
mighty17but /vendor does exist in sfos17:12
T42<elros34> so from where do you get /vendor? show output of ls -al /17:12
mighty17oh its a symlink :(17:13
mighty17`vendor -> /system/vendor`17:13
T42<elros34> yeah so 'mount -o <options from your fstab> /dev/mmcblk0px /system'17:13
T42<elros34> maybe also mkdir -p /system first17:14
mighty17mmcblk0p9 is FACTORYFS ie /system17:14
mighty17and wdym by options?17:14
rinigusmal: nope, cannot login. usb nor wifi don't work; which is expected, I think17:15
mighty17 ?17:15
T42<elros34> so 'ro,barrier=1'17:15
mighty17ah that ohk17:16
mighty17well i did that, lets hope it boots now xD17:17
mighty17oh yeah it loaded!!17:19
mighty17`Loaded firmware ducati-m3.bin`17:19
mighty17that gives my device 2 more cores :D17:20
mighty17thanks a lot!!17:22
T42<elros34> does it fix anything besides one error in log:P?17:23
mighty17need to test, it handles the cameras for my device17:25
mighty17and blackscreen in camera,but hey it is atleast responsive17:25
mighty17i still might need for gst-droid, dont know much17:28
T42<elros34> doubt it, gst-droid use android decoders/encoders17:29
malrinigus: do you have jolla-rnd-device package installed?18:15
rinigusmal: yes, I do18:16
UmeaboyHas anybody looked through ?18:40
UmeaboyBesides missing the mountpoints I see no error made.18:41
UmeaboyI don't know if mal or Thaodan is here, but I'd appreciate some constructive critisism about my shortened HADK.18:50
UmeaboyI don't think I made a boo boo.18:50
piggzmal: when you add an entry to the local_manifest, whats the best repo command to run?20:19
malpiggz: what do you mean? if you have everything else synced then just repo sync path/to/target20:31
piggzthats it20:31
piggzmake hybris-hal is running ... its actually been a while since ive used repo .. last 2 ports had full source trees from vendor!20:33
piggzmal: is hadk quite out of date for modern ports? doesnt mention apply-patches and such20:46
piggzmal: out of interest, do you know if, internally, the emulator browser now works?20:49
malpiggz: yeah, the example is not the best for latest bases20:49
malpiggz: I haven't tried browser in emulator yet20:49
malmaybe I should20:49
piggzmal: maybe you should ... and send me the x86 binary!20:49
piggzrinigus: when tbuilder makes a snapshot, whats that used for, so that each package build is an almost clean build target, just for that package?20:58
Umeaboypiggz: I'm not saying that you ARE, but if you're interested in any way, I have a project to transform the HADK into a program that will help you build and flash a fresh copy of Sailfsh OS.... This is a future project so nothing has been made except for directory structures.23:16
UmeaboyIt's called Haddock.23:16
UmeaboyYou know, like Captain Haddock in the adventures of Tintin.23:17
UmeaboyHere's the repo:
UmeaboyMy idea is to take the source code for Heimdall and make it happen. This is not for now. It's just an idea I have.23:20

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