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T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> (Photo, 916x717)
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @Mahmoud_Suleiman [<reply to media>], iy's not listing anything00:00
malok, you should be using the lineage 17.1 device repos, I found some repos online00:01
malhow did you sync the android sources?00:01
malI mean which url you used for the repo init00:01
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [ok, you should be using the lineage 17.1 devic …],
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> that's los 17.100:03
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [I mean which url you used for the repo init],
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> this one00:03
malso you need to create a local manifest for you device00:04
malto sync the device repo and kernel etc00:04
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [to sync the device repo and kernel etc], I synced them manually00:05
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> kernal , dt , vendor and device images in there place00:05
malare those in correct folders?00:05
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> yes00:05
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> same that I use for building normal roms00:05
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> nezuko and decendant00:05
malhmm, well it's not finding something00:06
malwhich lunch/breakfast command did you use00:07
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [which lunch/breakfast command did you use], lunch aosp_laurel_sprout-userdebug00:07
malit seems you are using aosp_laurel_sprout but the repos are lineage repos, if you used the ones you linked00:07
malmaybe try "breakfast laurel_sprout"00:08
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> ok00:08
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [maybe try "breakfast laurel_sprout"], same error00:09
malexactly the same or just similar?00:10
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [exactly the same or just similar?],
maland you have this cloned to device/xiaomi/laurel_sprout and the common repo synced to device/xiaomi/sm6125-common etc00:13
malit's very difficult to be sure you have everything correctly when you have not been using the normal way with manifest00:14
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [and you have this …], I will  rm -rf dt,vendor ,kernal and device images and reclone them checking the correct branch tomworro00:15
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> it3 AM here00:15
malwhat do you mean images?00:16
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [what do you mean images?], Mi A3 dt devided to device tree and device images00:17
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [what do you mean images?],
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> like this00:17
malthose are not the repos I was talking about00:21
malanyway it's now too late to discuss this more00:21
T42nephros was added by: nephros06:23
T42<nephros> Hi, has there wver been an attempt to do a port for Lenovo Yoga2 1050F, a BayTrail device?06:25
T42<adampigg> doesnt look so from the logs06:40
T42<Heythisisa1> android 12 GSI, I got galaxy M20 Exynos 7904, is it availible?07:08
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [anyway it's now too late to discuss this more], solved18:18
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> vendor file in hybris-17.1 don't contain aosp but contains lineage so I renamed it18:18
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [ok], no I have this error19:02
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> my tree
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot19:07
T42<elros34> I suggest you to use lineage as base instead aosp19:09
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [I suggest you to use lineage as base instead a …], The documentation said aosp so I followed it19:10
T42<elros34> Somebody tried it not so long time ago and for sure port was lineage based
T42<elros34> where?19:10
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [where?], make -j16(nproc --all) hybris-hal droidmedia19:11
T42<elros34> then use this instead:
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> (Photo, 981x337)
malyeah, the wiki link is for xperia device builds mainly19:12
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [yeah, the wiki link is for xperia device build …], I know but this method is the same as normal LOS building nothing extra needed so I used the one that I sent19:13
malthe hadk pdf also has method very close to android build but with lineage as base19:15
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [the hadk pdf also has method very close to and …], Ok if I switched to Lineage based it will not solve that error19:16
T42<elros34> how do you know, I am pretty sure when you will switch to lineage repo you will have new errors:)19:20
T42<Heythisisa1> @elros34 [then use this instead: …], 👌🏻👌🏻19:22
T42<elros34> you may also ping mintphin, it seems he was working on that port19:23
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [how do you know, I am pretty sure when you wil …], No it will not solve it I had the same problem when tried building some lineage based rom and I droped the project becuse of it but sailfish to me ia a deffrent story19:24
T42<elros34> then maybe you used wrong sources19:27
T42<elros34> If you check this channel logs then you will see somebody manged to pass that part19:28
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> Ok19:29
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [If you check this channel logs then you will s …], Where is the channel19:30
T42<elros34> logs are at if that is your question19:31
malor for easier log searching
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [or for easier log searching …], first error fixed and now I have new one after switching to lineage based21:06
malwhat does that line it mentioned in the error contain?21:10
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [what does that line it mentioned in the error …], error: frameworks/native/services/surfaceflinger/tests/unittests/Android.bp:15:1: "libsurfaceflinger_unittest" depends on undefined module "//hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150:display_intf_headers"21:23
maldid you sync the android_device_xiaomi_sm6125-common repo also?21:28
malor something like that21:29
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [did you sync the android_device_xiaomi_sm6125- …], I am using sm8150 not 612521:32
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> and it's synced21:32
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> (Photo, 800x66)
malyes but the device repo dependency says that
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [yes but the device repo dependency says that h …], I am not using his trees21:33
malwhat tree are yo uusing21:33
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> it's based on oss and oss was not stable when los 17.1 was there21:33
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [what tree are yo uusing],
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @Mahmoud_Suleiman [ …], mine based on oddly's tress21:34
malare those aosp trees?21:35
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [are those aosp trees?], all of Mi A3 was lineage trees before being aosp or whatever21:35
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> so it's lineage then oddly modified it to fit evoultion X v4.621:36
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> and it was the most stable tree that we ever got in Mi A3 in evrything21:37
malnot sure what is causing that dependency21:42
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> I can't find that dependency in sm8150 display21:45
malthe lineage repos are a bit different that lineage repo I mentioned had some custom qcom-caf code in it21:48
malwondering what you could be missing21:48
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [wondering what you could be missing], I can't find sm 8150 qcom caf in sailfish repo and I cloned the one in nezuko , lineage , dot , spark , evo and the one in google offical git and I got the same error22:17
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @mal [wondering what you could be missing], error ficed by it self but now I have duplication how to solve it22:26
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> FAILED:22:26
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> build/make/core/ error: hardware/qcom-caf/sm8150/display/commonsys-intf: MODULE.TARGET.HEADER_LIBRARIES.display_intf_headers already defined by vendor/qcom/opensource/commonsys-intf/display.22:26
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> 22:21:09 ckati failed with: exit status 122:26
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot @elros3422:27
malprobably remove either one of those, not sure which is correct for you22:50
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> solved but I got bt error this time
T42<elros34> I wonder whether you have lineage based image which use these broken sources? Also are you aware of additional steps before building sailfish (applying patches and so on)?23:33
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [I wonder whether you have lineage based image …], what patch ??23:36
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [I wonder whether you have lineage based image …], and about imges it's totally fine23:36
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [ …], I didn't understand what shoud I do from here23:40
T42<elros34> which part you don't get?23:42
T42<Mahmoud_Suleiman> @elros34 [which part you don't get?], I don't have this droid config folder23:48
T42<elros34> you will have it later: 7.1 point in HADK pdf23:49

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