Saturday, 2021-06-05

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T42<lucasalvesrds> Fwd from mal: so you need to create a local manifest for you device04:44
piggzcatching up on the meetin logs i missed07:52
piggzwhat on earth!!!!07:54
piggzRecently sandboxing caused a bit of regression to the app launch times, but future Qt upgrade should give Sailfish OS notable speed increase through the pre-compilation of QML code, the programming language of the UI. The recent Browser upgrades have greatly improved the speed of handling modern websites.07:54
piggza Qt upgrade????? :D07:54
T42<peperjohnny> yep and no one forced this out of them08:01
T42<peperjohnny> but you can actually feel it. the android apps start faster than anything sailfish on the xperia 10 II08:02
rinigusright, have to read those as well. piggz , thanks for reminder08:23
poetasterpigzz: it did cause a lot of our hearts to race. I have two apps (Imageworks, for instance) which will get a real boos19:20
piggzpoetaster: qt upgrade?19:48
piggzyeah, would like some more info  there!19:49
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