Monday, 2021-06-07

piggzlbt: hows the upgrade looking?09:48
lbthehe - I just mentioned in #sailfishos ... OBS update: I did a lot of OS upgrades over the weekend and then updated the OBS software. After some struggles with DB migrations and importing SFOS things are looking good. I've still got to get the actual builders to work and that may happen later today09:49
lbtI should post on the forum too09:49
T42<austenomartensite> hybris 1110:41
T42<austenomartensite> posted in wrong group sorry10:42
birdzhang[m]is this bridge dead?13:28
birdzhang[m]oh, is working13:28
birdzhang[m]pketo: Can you please bring Jolla Store to Redmi Note 8? Device model: Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo / ginkgo), Device UID is a unique ID same as first IMEI in Setting-About device13:28
T42<my90ds> Tell me how to get "graphics"? In the example, a Hammerhead is given and there the variable looks like "EGL_PLATFORM = hwcomposer"; neochapay's website indicates that its "graphics" only worked with the variable "EGL_PLATFORM = fbdev" and what about me with Redmi 6 (Cereus) how can I check which variable should be indicated there?13:32
T42<birdzhang> hwcomposer should be okay13:33
malmost devices work with hwcomposer, in rare cases something else it used13:39
T42<my90ds> Tell me how to reinstall sdk-assistant13:54
malwhat is wrong with it?14:07
T42<my90ds> @mal [what is wrong with it?], Just now I noticed that I'm collecting for aarch64, although in theory I should collect for armv7hl14:08
malwhat? so you installed wrong target? just install the correct one14:09
malwhat device are you porting?14:09
T42<my90ds> @mal [what device are you porting?], Xiaomi Redmi 6 (Cereus)14:10
T42<my90ds> @mal [what? so you installed wrong target? just inst …], Already replaced the SDK but still replace aarch64 is it registered somewhere in the specs and needs to be changed?14:11
malisn't that device 64-bit?14:11
malso why do you want to build arm sailfish when you could be building aarch6414:12
T42<my90ds> @mal [isn't that device 64-bit?], Everything is complicated here. In theory, the device is 32 bit, but 64 bit firmware seemed to be going on it14:12
T42<my90ds> @mal [so why do you want to build arm sailfish when …], Under aarch64, it does not build and drops out with an error14:13
malok, then just install arm target14:14
maldid you set correct PORT_ARCH in the .env file you created?14:14
malthat ~/.hadk.env14:15
T42<my90ds> @mal [that ~/.hadk.env], armv7hl is registered in hadk.env14:15
malok, then it should be fine probably14:16
T42<my90ds> @mal [ok, then it should be fine probably], Well, that's why I'm asking that "probably" I'm not doing well, because somewhere I made a mistake, according to which my assembly is going for aarch64, now it seems like I will have to look in which settings files the incorrect variable is stored ...14:18
malso what part are you currently building?14:22
T42<my90ds> @mal [so what part are you currently building?], rpm/dhd/helpers/build_packages.sh14:24
malhow do you see the issue?14:24
malif you changed .hadk.env did you exit the sdk and enter again?14:25
T42<my90ds> @mal [how do you see the issue?], Fatal: 'xiaomi-cereus-aarch64' is not a known build target (somewhere the config was saved as aarch64 instead of armv7hl)14:25
malthat suggest you need to re-enter the platform sdk14:28
T42<my90ds> @mal [that suggest you need to re-enter the platform …], Everything, has ceased to be collected under aarch64, but the truth is still not going to. this is what gives14:31
T42<elros34> Have you checked rpm/droid-hal-cereus.spec? Error suggest that you have some typo there under straggler_files section14:34
T42<my90ds> @elros34 [Have you checked rpm/droid-hal-cereus.spec? Er …], There it is inserted according to the instructions from the neochapay site14:42
T42<my90ds> "%define straggler_files14:42
T42<my90ds> /init.mmi.boot.sh14:42
T42<my90ds> /init.mmi.touch.sh14:42
T42<my90ds> /init.qcom.ssr.sh14:42
T42<my90ds> / selinux_version14:42
T42<my90ds> / service_contexts14:42
T42<my90ds> % {nil}14:42
T42<my90ds> Without this part of the code, the error is completely different.14:42
T42<elros34> no idea what instruction do you use but I suggest hadk pdf, and instead. I see you copied straggler files from pdf, that is not how you should add them. Remove whole section and build droid-hal again14:45
T42<elros34> fix for DB_VERSION_MISMATCH error can can find in collabedit^14:48
pketobirdzhang[m]: is it 64bit port15:10
T42<b100dian> Hi piggz18:48
piggzwaiting mateiently for obs to be enabled so i can release amazfish for 4.1, and stop people complaining at me :D18:48
T42<b100dian> :)18:49
T42<b100dian> do you have a link for your other dependencies?18:50
T42<b100dian> I might be interested in compiling for aarch64 and 4.0 myself18:50
T42<b100dian> btw, irremote works on this Xiaomi too ;)18:51
piggzheh, was an interesting app that ... shame i dont have that phone now18:57
piggzalso a shame i never got any more templates made18:57
piggzmaybe you have a tv that needs a template?18:57
poetaster(tv. I fondly remember my last cathode ray tube device. 19 years ago it was ....)19:03
T42<b100dian> I already contributed that back when I was using yhe cancro/Mi419:03
T42<b100dian> *the19:03
poetasterpiggz: is there a route to installing the volla aarch64 build?19:03
piggzpoetaster: you really want it in its brokenstate?19:05
piggz1) follow the /e/ instructions to update to the gigaset android 10 build......19:05
piggz2) flash lineageos 17.119:06
poetasterpiggz: only if it's off assitance to you. I'm happy with 3.4.19:06
poetasterah... I see where you're going. just talked me into building an SDL2 based software audio synth for SFOS19:06
piggz3) flash the sailfish buill i will send you if you want it19:10
poetasterpiggz: back to the question, what would be useful.19:11
poetasterpiggz: my own efforts are squarely, get it running on 3.4 arm, build for aarch against the 4 target for users.19:12
piggzpoetaster: well, not massively .. unless you want to file github issues for things ... im waiting on mal's availability to debug the sailjail19:14
poetasterpiggz: ok, then I'll sit it out if it's not a burning issue.19:25
poetaster%define get_arch %(uname -m | sed -e s/i.86/i386/ -e s/sun4u/sparc/ -e s/sparc64/sparc/ -e s/arm.*/arm/ -e s/sa110/arm/ -e s/alpha/axp/)19:25
piggzpoetaster: i just fixed audio on the volla 64 port21:13
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