Thursday, 2021-07-15

WikiwideIs it safe to run pkcon update on Sailfish OS 3.3 on Fxtec Pro1?07:05
piggzWikiwide: absolutely not!07:23
piggzwell, depends if youre trying to upgrade the OS to a new release07:23
T42<peperjohnny> piggz: will you rebuild the browser with your patches for the pines against 4.1?07:41
piggzi will do, gimme time07:46
piggzpeperjohnny: probably, if you use zypper se -s xulrunner, there will eb a working version available to install anyway07:49
T42<peperjohnny> Don't stress yourself. I'll take a look08:12
piggzmal: when i use jolla-camera or advanced-cam, it shows the gst test image .... GST_DEBUG indicates its trying to use v4l to open /dev/video0 which doesnt exist ... why wouldnt it be trying droidcamsrc?12:44
malpiggz: gstreamer probably blacklisted gst-droid, remove the cache from $HOME/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/12:59
malcould happen if gst-droid plugins crash13:00
piggzmal: ah, yes....13:02
piggzjolla-camera working now13:02
piggzadvanced-cam seems to cause the plugin to crash tho13:02
malwhat does it do wrong then13:20
piggzi good Q i cant anser right now!13:58
riniguspiggz: there are few things to discuss regarding chum. do you want to do it now or some other time?18:31
piggzrinigus: go on18:34
rinigusin no particular order: I don't think we need  to have "latest" targets in chum. instead we can just have sfos version specific ones18:36
rinigusI suggest to delete them from
rinigus(later in :chum as well when we get "keys" to that)18:36
riniguspiggz: ^18:37
piggzseems reasonable18:38
rinigusgood, then I'll remove those18:38
riniguspiggz: should we add vendor? would help users to stay either on chum or other source for their preference18:39
rinigusas a vendor - suggesting chum18:39
piggzhow are vendors added?18:40
rinigusin repo macros/preferences, I think. but it is a global project setting18:41
riniguscan't find an example right now, but should be something simple18:42
riniguspiggz: looks like line 1155 at
piggzso, we can override that in the project right?18:45
riniguspiggz: yes, I think so.18:45
piggzyeah, worth a try18:45
riniguswhen users will do `zypper up`, vendor makes packages stick - could be useful18:45
rinigusfeel free to suggest a name18:46
riniguspiggz: fyi - each package can have maintainer specified for package itself. could use it in testing subproject18:46
riniguspiggz: should we make separate github project for docs and maybe some packaging? as packages adopted from other distros and part of chum? examples: kf5, picotts, marisa. similar to  some in
riniguswhile sfos apps makes sense to point to the original repo, it maybe helpful to keep other adopted packages in some defined location. could simplify changes in maintainers18:48
piggzrinigus: all great ideas, youve given this some thogught!18:48
riniguspiggz: I did. something you could do with the morning coffee18:49
rinigusand let's make it count :)18:49
rinigus... fact that lbt did such repo18:49
piggzrinigus: vendor=chum seeam ok18:49
rinigusok, will be chum then18:50
riniguspiggz: github project or we can deal with it later? if project is OK to go, name for the project?18:52
riniguswe can go for that - same name as at OBS. do you want to make it or I'll set it up?18:57
rinigusmeanwhile - vendor set and looks to be working; latest targets removed18:58
rinigusgithub - sailfish-chum project or should it be sailfishos-chum ?18:59
piggzlets go sailfishos-chum19:08
rinigussounds good! then I think we will make a repo in that project for issues and docs.19:10
riniguspiggz: that's all from me regarding it. just need to know who will make the project19:11
piggzrinigus: its done and your invited19:11
riniguspiggz: excellent!19:11
rinigusand invitation accepted! name for docs/issues repo? I have used "main" for tama port19:13
riniguspiggz: I will also transfer few of the github projects that make more sense to keep under chum (tts, some libs and such)19:14
riniguspiggz: nice, I'll continue then at OBS and github. thanks for your time19:16
piggzrinigus: well, mostly you did all teh figuring out.... im just multi-tasking, looking for a fault reader for my van!19:17
rinigus:) good luck with that!19:17
riniguspiggz: when you get some time - please pin "main" repo at github19:55
T42<b100dian> I had do look up chum in the dictionary:)20:38
T42<b100dian> Hope you guys write some announcement in layman terms on the forum20:38
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> @elros34 Thanks for the reply. it does seem like my power button has something to do with it.20:39
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> is anyone aware of a way I can disable the power button?20:39
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> or change it so it requires a longer hold to power off?20:40
T42<elros34> can you confirm with evedev_trace -t  (from mce-tools package) that this is really hardware button issue?20:43
T42<b100dian> Who can enlighten my on what community-adaptation repo is about? I'm curios 1. if I need it for the port and 2. can it help update without port update20:47
T42<b100dian> (I've seen it is forked in rinugs' tama repos)20:49
T42<elros34> do you mean adaptation-community: You should have it already in ks file20:50
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> Well I think it has something to do with pboot which is a different bootloader for Pinephone because it doesn't happen in any other OS I've tried booting from the default bl.20:51
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> I am only using p boot because I can't get the flash-it image to download and build the image correctly and there's a multi image with a bunch of different distros and this was the only way I could actually get sailfish on my phone20:51
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> The multi image uses pboot*20:51
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> I just tried Ubuntu touch and it does the same thing, except there's a dialog that pops up asking me if I wanna restart, power off or cancel.20:52
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> So that's usable if I just hit cancel.20:52
T42<MyNameIsEarlB> It doesn't happen when using the default bl on Ubuntu touch20:52
T42<elros34> @b100dian ah you probably mean device specific repo? so for example So basically all device specific packages built at OBS, same what you have in local repo20:53
T42<b100dian> I mean
T42<b100dian> repo = git repo, sorry for the confusion20:54
T42<elros34> you should have that already built in your local repo, unpack it and see yourself. It's just add common repository20:56
T42<b100dian> Hmm I have community-adaptation/community-adaptation-localbuild-ota-0.0.1-1.aarch64.rpm which only has one file init_disable_telnet20:59
T42<b100dian> wow I removed that file I got telnet back:) which I was complaining was gone since the droid-config submodule update:)21:03
T42<elros34> based on you have something is ssu/repos.d/21:03
T42<elros34> in sparse21:03
T42<elros34> so did you add anything to droid-configs/sparse/usr/share/ssu/repos.d?21:06
T42<b100dian> ah yes, my NAS rsync is there adaptation=
T42<b100dian> so If I have that, I don't get community-adaptation.git - but should I?21:07
T42<b100dian> So If I build in OBS under nemo:/@FLAVOUR@:/hw:/common/sailfishos_%(release) then I don't need that NAS ini21:09
T42<elros34> I guess, I have never used anything except OBS:
T42<b100dian> Understood. One more question - what's happening on OS update? (version dup etc). If the next release is not built/published in a repo it will simply uninstall the droid-hal-$device packages?21:12
T42<elros34> I do not think so it will uninstall anything unless some package conflits with droid-hal-$device which is unlikely. There is no magic there, just simple packages version upgrade. More likely something will not work correctly because outdated droid-config/hal or other packages21:15
T42<b100dian> I should make a backup and try that - but I was worried something like zypper dup --from adaptation0 after changing version will find.. no packages and dup that21:16
T42<elros34> there is chance for that:) but you will see that droid-config, libhybris are removed21:18
piggz@b100dian you can always read the output of zypper dup to see what it will do before saying yes!21:23
T42<elros34> @MyNameIsEarlB btw, maintainer of pinephone is here so you can always ask for latest image ^21:24
* piggz ducks21:27
T42<b100dian> yes, but not for version —dup (well, not yet, downloading packages like mad)21:37
T42<b100dian> Indeed, version —dup effectively removed these
T42<adampigg> so, are you missing them on obs?21:50
T42<b100dian> yes. that was what I am testing - updating without a next-version built21:51
T42<b100dian> I'm not using obs yet, procrastinating till I fix the video recording21:52
T42<adampigg> just do volla aarch84 port is there, and barely works21:52
T42<adampigg> its loads faster for rebuilding config packages ets21:52
T42<adampigg> and for then building the image21:53
T42<b100dian> do I need help to create a repo for xiaomi:tucana then?21:54
piggzyes, mal could do that for you22:02
mal@b100dian what is your username on obs?22:08
T42<b100dian> b100dian22:09
malare you building armv7hl or aarch64 build of that?22:12
mal@b100dian ^22:13
T42<b100dian> aarch64, thank you22:14
mal and for releases the testing repo in latter you will use release targets not latest used in devel22:16
T42<b100dian> That was awesomely quick! thanks mal22:17

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