Thursday, 2021-08-12

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rinigusfor those who want to test hwcrypt, note that commands work for regular user IDs. for user 0, keystore has permission denied.15:56
T42<nephros> Can anyone tell me why this service run fails?16:05
T42<elros34> naive idea: try without / at the end of url?16:10
T42<elros34> in _service file16:10
T42<nephros> Thanks but that doesnt seem to make a difference...16:14
rinigusif you add .git to that url16:14
T42<elros34> strange when using github it builds:
T42<elros34> at least start16:23
rinigus@nephros: you miss rpm subfolder in your project16:26
rinigusalso you have sources packaged as .tar.gz16:27
rinigusalternative is to upload those files to OBS, see some packages from piggz for kf516:28
T42<elros34> problem is that repo is not even cloned: fatal: repository '/data/service/tar_git/https___gitlab.com_nephros/openrepos-xtail' does not exist. WHen I clone same repo from gthub it clones fine16:28
T42<nephros> I do have n rpm subfolder in the git repo. Doing it like this works for other packages. Only dfference being in those I have an upstream  submodule instead of tarball.16:36
rinigus@nephros: I missed it, sorry16:37
T42<nephros> Elros: yes, same here. That repo was private some hours ago though, maybe obs caches access somehow?16:38
rinigus@elros34: no idea on why it is so. we probably miss something...16:38
T42<elros34> @nephros yeah worth to try creating secondary repo with just different name16:51
T42<nephros> Huh well, manual adding of files to osc/obs builds now.16:59
T42<nephros> But the git clone thing is strange still.16:59
rinigusdo we have any example using yamui or minui for GUI early in the boot? something open source that can be used to enter password, select UI elements (as buttons).18:41
riniguscontext - /home encryption UI18:42
vknecht[m]wouldn't yamui be too low-level ? maybe pmOS' osk-sdl could be reused for that ?
rinigusvknecht: maybe. thanks for the link, will check it out19:21

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