Wednesday, 2021-09-08

T42_<skvorl> is it mtk based device! could you show one of your wifi macs? (re @edp_17: Hi all! My wifi is a...)05:23
T42_<skvorl> Why this branch is not merged into master? why CONFIG_NETFILTER_XT_MATCH_QTAGUID is required? what will not work without that feature? (re @eriki73: @goshawk22 , there w...)05:27
T42_<eriki73> @skvorl , it is required on older kernel versions but newer kernels do not have that config key...05:28
T42_<skvorl> but why is it strong requirement (error) and not a warning like many other options? (re @eriki73: @skvorl , it is requ...)05:30
T42_<skvorl> I expect some functionality in sfos depends on it. which one?05:32
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XenoPLHi, I'm sorry for lil offtopic, but where #jollamobile channel migrated to? Is it on oftx, or sowewhere elswere?11:13
T42_<edp_17> @skvorl : I don't think that device is mtk based. It is the exynos version of Samsung Note 4.12:32
malStanT: I think #jollamobile was not created on any other network, there had been very little activity on it and #sailfishos works just fine12:38
StanTmal: thanks for the info, now I think I've reconnected to all usefull irc channels.12:40
StanTbtw did anyone heard about intention (i guess it had to be community initiative) to redo SFOS Xperia X/X Compact port using newer AOSP and fully 64bit SFOS? Or those phones are considered too old?12:46
Xeno_PLpiggz: Hey, I know You might be busy (as we all are) but is there any chance for Advanced Camera no picture in viewfinder under SFOS 4.2 issue fix?15:35
piggzXeno_PL: need to debug it first!15:37
piggztonight id like to get the volla pot out15:37
Xeno_PLsure, no rush :)15:38
piggzatleast i can reproduce it here ... i have viewfinder for the rear camera but not the front15:39
Xeno_PLhere exactly opposite, some other folks have none, at least from what I can see in comments on openrepos15:40
Xeno_PLanyways, thanks for all your work. It's really appreciated15:41
malpiggz: do you use the old camera id names in the camera code?15:45
piggzmal: maybe, i need to check15:45
malpiggz: probably time for multicamera support while at it15:45
malunless you have it already15:46
piggzmal: i have that already, abr PRd it15:46
malthen it should use new ids15:47
piggzhere, the viewfinder works for the rear camera, but not the front15:49
piggzwould also be nice to filter out the third camera, as its just a depth camera and shouldnt really be used15:49
piggzdoes jolla-camera do that?15:49
malpiggz: which device?15:49
piggzpro1 here ... i know its different per device15:50
malpiggz: it needs config to enable the extra camera toggle15:51
piggzmal: on advanced its just always on15:55
piggzbut, its fine for now15:55
piggzfinally, volla aarch64 port boots to UI on first boot :)16:00
riniguspiggz: congratulations!16:56
T42_<XAP2P> @birdzhang listen, can rebasing to android 10 help with a broken camera? it is also very inconvenient to install los16, it is a very outdated system.19:01

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