Sunday, 2021-09-12

rinigusencryption docs are published at
rinigusincludes general README and separate targeting porters07:58
rinigusright now hwcrypt is not yet attached to wizard and setup GUI - will work on adding it a bit later. wanted to make all stack otherwise ready first07:59
riniguspiggz: ^07:59
T42_<adampigg> Rinigus: let me wake up, you arw +2hrs 😂09:02
rinigus@adampigg: indeed. currently looking into why I get stuck into sony logo when I merged all encrypt branches into the main... hopefully something trivial09:09
rinigusfixed. was missing one systemd file09:30
T42_<b100dian> Hi Keto, can you help me enable store access for this device model: 'Mi Note 10 (tucana / tucana)' . I have just checked that the IMEI is the same one on the box when running ssu s. Thanks!16:01
rinigusI am getting spammed with `encsfa-fpd[3114]: Device /dev/sailfish/home does not exist or access denied` in logs.18:48
riniguswhich is absolutely correct - /dev/sailfish/home does not exist. I had to rename it to avoid use of LUKS password as a PIN for device lock18:49
rinigusmal: sorry for pinging - do you know how to make encsfa-fpd to back off from using LUKS partition for pin storage? or at least stop complaining about it?18:50
rinigusif you don't, would you mind asking in the office? please18:51
riniguswould be great to have some config option to make that encsfa-fpd live in piece with the setup that is using /dev/sailfish/home somehow differently18:52
Keto@b100dian is it 64 or 32 bit?19:02
Ketoshould add to the faq that need to know the arch, now that there starts to be other than arm 32bit ports19:07
malKeto: looking at OBS it seems aarch64
malrinigus: need to see where that comes from, that message also happens on devices without lvm root19:09
rinigusmal: I am sure it is from /usr/lib64/qt5/plugins/devicelock/encsfa-fpd and related to
malI need to check the code but not tonight :)19:11
T42_<b100dian> Keto: 6419:12
Keto@b100dian added19:15
T42_<b100dian> Thanks! Now the apps section has a scrollbar \o/19:16
piggzKeto: hi, if it matters, yggdrasil is now 64bit20:37
Ketopiggz: yes it does... we can't currently support two architectures for one device model in store... but I guess there isn't many apps that have 64bit version and not 32bit, so I guess it's ok to change it20:43
piggzKeto: ok, thats worth noting for the future, i assumed store detected arch ... the 64bit version of yggdrasil is much more stable than the 32bt version, so I expect everyone will move over20:44
malpiggz: you can just announce to all users that 32-bit is not supported and reflash is needed20:45
malfor you device20:45
KetoYeah, I had a plan to change it so that the device would report architecture and that would be then used. But we (as in Jolla) don't currently have need for that, so probably not going to happen anytime soon :)20:53
Ketoactually the store client already reports the device arch, so it would just require some cahnges on the server side. but iirc the changes needed there are not so simple, so that is probably why it didn't get implemented21:02

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