Friday, 2021-09-24

riniguspoetaster : re rpm in the wrong place - no idea. Fork it and add a symlink?04:13
rinigusFree falldown: it seems to need license and addition of bacon2d as a dependency. Not sure much more in spec has to be changed04:16
piggzrinigus: re p-o-v ... are we going all-in now? :)07:02
riniguspiggz: as I had to reflash my tama then before adding apps I was checking if we have it in chum. as p-o-v is something that I prefer, it was odd that you have to add repo of piggz (of all devs!) and it wasn't in chum :)07:23
rinigusbut turned out that I somehow missed adding keyboard layouts into chum as well (rest of presage predict keyboard code is in). so, have to improve as well07:24
rinigusreply to your question: yes, sure - all-in07:24
poetasterrinigus: I contacted the dev (who has 3 or for others) and he's fine with it, so I'm going to fork and go on those.07:36
poetasterthe communication overhead is hell, but I'm building a growing list in the new forum:
riniguspoetaster: yeah, I saw the list. good work, thank you!07:39
poetasterrinigus: sadly still the beginning. but discussions spread over x sources suck.07:39
poetasterrinigus: what's the name of the command that runs tasks from the gui?07:40
poetasteropen sound control is not what I'm looking for. :)07:42
poetasterI meant if you want to emulate runnging from the gui from the cli.07:43
poetasterah, probablhy sailjail now. sigh.07:44
piggzpoetaster: all sailjail issues can be debugge with strace ive found :)08:05
poetasterpiggz: while I do love strace, I think rubdos will freak if I send him traces of whisper fish in that form :)08:06
poetasterpiggz: I'm trying to get the app to behave as closely as possible to launched from app drawer. there is a tool for that and I can't remember.08:06
poetasterpiggz: working on debugging whisperfish (broken for a bunch of us as of 4.x).08:07
poetasterpiggz: should I be tracking / installing your updates to devel?10:11
piggzpoetaster: for volla? ofcourse10:11
poetasterused to be an uptime junky :) will not work here ...10:12
poetasterpiggz: the ubports install still has this:
poetasterpiggz: is that 3.4 and is it correct?10:16
piggzthey are not up to date10:17
piggzi need to push for an update10:17
poetasterpiggz: got it.10:19
rinigusmal: any chance to look into /dev/sailfish/home probing by encsfa-fpd? (remembered during 9-17!)11:52
malrinigus: I'll try to check a bit later today, just in the middle of debugging one issue13:24
poetasterpiggz: can it be we have some network issues:
poetasterpiggz: version 3.4, the app loads all comments, sometimes slowly, but it's a loop over json xhr.14:27
poetasterpiggz: 4.1, that particular version of SailHN, often doesn't show the replies to comments. Another HN app (from neversun) has better network success14:28
rinigusmal: thank you very much. it can surely wait17:20
riniguspiggz: tama is released now as well with the encryption support. hopefully this encryption solution will spread...18:40

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