Sunday, 2021-10-24

Mister_Magisterkeep calm and steal from fp2 repos
T42<TheVancedGamer> ok (re @XAP2P: bun)02:10
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ThaodanBluetooth seems to be a real mess, its ironic that we have to deal with vendor-blobs/android services while with mainline it works without, especially on the desktop as pcie cards.'09:13
T42<kquote03> systemd-udevd[1454]: Process '/bin/ln -s /dev/block/mmcblk0p16 /dev/block/platform/13540000.dwmmc0//by-name/PERSISTENT' failed with exit code 118:59
T42<kquote03> sorry if line is long, but why it do that? I have verified fixup-mountpoints is correct19:00
T42<kquote03> it's adding an extra /19:00
T42<kquote03> it seems it's doing this for some other partitions, but none of them seem that important19:04
T42<kquote03> nvm it's doing the same thing with SYSTEM partition as well19:06
kquote03So like one thing i dont get is that on LOS, i do not have a system_root. When on SFOS, do i mount /dev/root to / or /system?23:04
kquote03Also, do i need to include fstab.$DEVICE in / ?23:04
T42<elros34> what you are trying to do? You already have system mounted in righ place, see 'findmnt' command and sfos do not use fstab directly, only to generate systemd mount units23:14

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