Saturday, 2021-10-30

T42<Verevka86> Yes, error when packing boot.img05:17
T42<Verevka86> (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>are you trying ...)05:17
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piggzmal: see "zypper dup" here
piggzaccording to dcd inc, ohm-policy-default should never be installed13:19
piggzwhy is dup offering to do this?13:20
malpiggz: what have you changed?13:20
piggzmal: nothing, that is after a fresh install of the CI build13:22
malshow the repos13:22
malI mean on github13:22
piggzmal: this is the config repo/branch
deathmistmal: hey, how usable is hybris-18.1? I see it's rather new15:11
maldeathmist: I only build tested it so far, not even sure if I had all changes pushed to git yet16:06
malI have all middleware built on top if it but didn't yet install those to my device16:07
mal*top of it16:07
deathmisthmm ok, let me know how it goes :)16:08
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Thaodan@rinigus: Can you try with tama?18:38
rinigusThaodan: sure! I will look into it. will try to follow the docs and then report back18:40
ThaodanGreat, this will allow to avoid to patching the kernel tree for hybris.18:43
rinigusThaodan: unless you have to patch it with something else... but it does look promising, indeed18:46
Thaodanrinigus: You mean to fix bugs in the kernel?18:46
rinigusThaodan: hard to say, whether only bugs. in case of tama, I had to introduce extra timeout to prevent fast suspend/unsuspend cycles, for example. but that one is a weird case and seems to be rare18:48
rinigusI blame the fact that CONFIG_PM_AUTOSLEEP is not used by default anymore18:49
ThaodanHm for hybris we enable that starting with android 1018:50
rinigusbtw, I think it was already needed for android 918:50
Thaodanrinigus:For android 9 its enabled at in Sonys tree18:51
rinigusThaodan: where is that tree? tama would need it as well18:51
ThaodanIts also enabled for tama by default (only looked at apollo thou)18:53
rinigusThaodan: you are right! I remembered it wrong. but the patch was still needed for tama sfos based on aosp9.19:00
rinigusanyway, I will try to test tomorrow ...19:01
malThaodan: also I have seen at least some devices which have build failure from some of those default file systems, I think at least nfs, also some device needed disabling of some file systems because the kernel got too big20:35
Thaodanmal: We could allow overriding those values in dhd. Which devices needed disabling of those file systems because the kernel got to big?21:43
ThaodanWe might look into using modules, google now enforces vendors to put device specific parts into kernel modules21:44
malThaodan: not sure but might have been fp2, or some other device21:51

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