Tuesday, 2021-11-02

Thaodanrinigus: I've did the same, reset my config to AOSP ran, /hybris/mer-kernel-check/defconfigs/merge_device_defconfigs.sh -t ./kernel/sony/msm-4.14/kernel -d aosp_kumano_griffin00:19
Thaodanand build the kernel afterwards00:19
Thaodandiffconfig showed no differences00:19
Thaodanrinigus: I just tried it with tama-akatsuki same result00:28
Thaodanhttps://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES.html was removed with 4.6 so its expected that it is no longer there00:53
ThaodanAlso you have to compare the .config generated and not the defconfig directly. make defconfig ignores invalid/default values on purpose01:31
rinigusThaodan: will try then with generated kernel config later today. thanks for tips06:25
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T42<birdzhang> @XAP2P no progess at all09:06
T42<birdzhang> Seems version is coming12:52

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