Sunday, 2021-11-07

T42<rodrisola> hello00:08
T42<rodrisola> i have a problem00:08
T42<rodrisola> HABUILD_SDK [courbet] rodrigo@dev:~/Disco/courbet/hadk$ breakfast $DEVICE00:08
T42<rodrisola> 00:03:35 Build sandboxing disabled due to nsjail error.00:08
T42<rodrisola> In file included from build/make/core/
T42<rodrisola> In file included from build/make/core/
T42<rodrisola> build/make/core/ error: Can not locate config makefile for product "lineage_courbet".00:08
T42<rodrisola> 00:03:35 dumpvars failed with: exit status 100:08
T42<rodrisola> i have a this problem00:10
T42<rodrisola> build/make/core/ error: Can not locate config makefile for product "lineage_courbet".00:10
malare you sure tou have added the needed repos to local_manifests?00:15
T42<rodrisola> yes  add repos to local_mainfest, but i have edit,00:21
T42<rodrisola> this a new error i solve the other00:21
T42<rodrisola> error: Incorrect TARGET_2ND_ARCH_VARIANT00:22
T42<rodrisola> error in command make00:57
T42<rodrisola> make -j$(nproc --all) hybris-hal droidmedia00:58
T42<rodrisola> Help04:51
T42<edp_17> @Rodrii : You need to find out where those duplications are defined and comment one of them. I had to do similar in snippets/cm.xml07:48
T42<elros34> @rodrisola AFAIK hybris-18 is not really tested and ready to use08:57
T42<TheVancedGamer> Thaodan: you might want to directly ping admins if there is spam09:22
T42<TheVancedGamer> I mostly ban bots I know cause spam, so if some sneak through just a ping would greatly help09:22
T42<TheVancedGamer> /welcome09:58
T42<TheVancedGamer> @abhishek_009:59
T42<abhishek_0> Done09:59
T42<TheVancedGamer> thx09:59
T42<TheVancedGamer> /captcha10:00
T42<TheVancedGamer> .....what10:00
T42<abhishek_0> /captcha10:00
T42<TheVancedGamer> do I need full admin rights?10:01
T42<abhishek_0> Try again10:01
T42<TheVancedGamer> /captcha10:01
T42<TheVancedGamer> I need the change group info right10:01
T42<TheVancedGamer> that's why it glitches10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> huh?10:02
T42<abhishek_0> Check now10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> two me's?10:02
T42<abhishek_0> Added rights10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> /captcha10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> /captcha on10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> /blocklist10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> /blocklist add investment10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> oops10:02
T42<TheVancedGamer> /help@join_captcha_bot10:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> /rmblocklist add10:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> /addblocklist investment10:03
T42<TheVancedGamer> /blocklistmode ban10:04
T42<TheVancedGamer> /cleanservice on10:04
T42<TheVancedGamer> /welcome off10:05
T42<TheVancedGamer> /purge (re @TheVancedGamer: )10:05
T42<TheVancedGamer> perfect10:06
T42<Conrad> Thanks a lot. I will have a look next weekend. With more questions to come. (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <Thaodan>conrad: you...)11:09
lbt_piggz: missed your message yesterday but mal proded me and it should all be green now12:43
*** lbt_ is now known as lbt12:43
piggzlbt: you need email alerts :D13:46
piggzsubject: Server is on fire13:46
lbthehe - yes I do13:47
lbtI'm planning to do some extensions to check_mk which is the monitoring system we use13:48
lbtit's been on the TODO for a few years13:48
T42<rodrisola> It originally came out with Android 11, so I couldn't use hybris-17. 1 (re @elros34: @rodrisola AFAIK hyb...)15:51
T42<rodrisola> Or a minor version of hybris could be used15:52
T42<elros34> ok, then you need hybris-18, just be aware of it's state15:58
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T42<rodrisola> OK thanks19:18
T42<rodrisola> OK, I find with awk the pattern (re @edp_17: @Rodrii : You need t...)19:21
T42<rodrisola> OK, I find with awk the pattern (re @edp_17: @Rodrii : You need t...)19:23
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T42<b100dian> piggz: so you zapped gmp-droid and gst-droid from OBS for 4.3? (I get "nothing provides pkgconfig(droidmedia)" for them)19:43
T42<elros34> both packages are provided by adaptation-common repo, you need to build them for some reason then build droidmedia-devel.spec19:53
T42<b100dian> @elros34 do you have a quick pointer how to specify a particular spec through an OBS _service file19:56
T42<b100dian> ? Thanks!19:56
T42<b100dian> ah.. the name??19:56
T42<elros34> Never hear of any except of obs package name19:56
T42<b100dian> Yes, I think this is the answer, indeed.19:58
T42<b100dian> Still, with droidmedia-devel like gmp-droid and gst-droid don't build, they expect 'droidmedia'20:02
T42<b100dian> I may try to remove them from my build - but at least gmp was having a commented out color conversion that made it 'work' in yt20:02
T42<elros34> Obviously you need regular droidmedia. oh mal recently added droidmedia-devel to common repo:
T42<b100dian> yes, but with 'regular' droidmedia 'nothing provides ubu-trusty, nothing provides droid-bin-src-full'20:06
T42<b100dian> I got so hooked on OBS I don't even know what would the error be on my machine (which is still on 4.0.1 as was the beginning of 2021:)20:08
T42<elros34> upload droidmedia same as previosly as rpm, do not build it at OBS20:08
T42<b100dian> that sounds like what the 'ubu-trusty' is trying to say. But it is/was for the the last months already uploaded. Let me see if I can kick a rebuild in that area20:09
T42<b100dian> editing build.script seems to restart droid-hal et all20:11
T42<b100dian> no success. Also, there are some apps I build on OBS (among of them sailfish-fpd-community) which fail with 'nothing provides needed by mapplauncherd-qt5'20:22
T42<elros34> did you apply before building droidmedia? Maybe that is the reason why it fails20:22
mal@elros34 not sure if I will keep it there, it was for testing20:37
mal@elros34 in 4.3.0 there is no need to have it there because gst-droid and gmp-droid come from jolla repos20:38
T42<elros34> yes but still some build gmp-droid because droidconvert issue or gst-droid for some other issues20:39
T42<b100dian> mal: what if one needs to build gmp-droid?
T42<elros34> so would be useful to have droidmedia-devel in common20:39
mal@elros34 well once we fix some things in obs it will have access to the droidmedia-devel from official repo, it doesn't have access now but it is being looked into at some point20:41
T42<elros34> that way would be even better20:42
T42<elros34> @b100dian I just build gst-droid succesfully so make sure you use up-to-date droidmedia with mentioned patch20:42
Mister_Magisterpeople seem to have severe issues with droidmedia on 4.320:44
Mister_Magisteron the official phones mind you, xperia x20:44
Mister_Magisterwhenever there is droidmedia in usage like video playback it just crashes the app20:44
T42<b100dian> that dhd patch is a submodule of ~/hadk/rpm right @elros34 ? I updated it and need to build_packages -d if I understand correctly20:45
T42<elros34> yes it's for rpm/ but -g (droidmedia and friends) instead -d (droid-hal)20:46
T42<elros34> obviously also make droidmedia if you updated source also20:47
malMister_Magister: really? is there a report of that on forums?20:47
T42<b100dian> @elros34 thans20:47
T42<b100dian> *thanks20:47
Mister_Magistermal: haven't checked but i have one person that has issue with my app and  i confirmed with them same issue happening to different app20:47
Mister_Magistermal: i will add it20:49
malcheck the release thread if there is anything there20:50
Mister_Magisterwill do20:50
T42<elros34> @b100dian you should probably remove mapplauncherd  now on 4.320:52
malon my fp2 droidmedia seems to work fine in 4.3.020:52
Mister_Magisterhaven't foudn anything under release notes20:54
Mister_Magistermal: ye i can imagine ports being more stable than official jolla ports, its standard at this point20:54
T42<b100dian> @elros34 removing mapplauncherd helped, thanks20:55
T42<elros34> you have probably more packages which can be removed because they are in adaptation-common or adaptation-community-common20:55
maljust remember to only disable those in testing project so the older targets remain ok20:57
voidanix[m]hmm i'm having issues with --mw:
voidanix[m]do i need pulseaudio-devel (or something of sorts) and audiosystem-passthrough installed manually?21:00
malwhich target are you using?21:01
Mister_Magisterseems to be crashing here
voidanix[m]mal: it's a kumano, xperia 5 single sim aka bahamut21:02
Mister_Magisterso init failed i can imagine21:02
malvoidanix[m]: I mean sfos version you are building21:02
voidanix[m], latest one21:02
maldoes your target have the adaptation-common repo? check using "sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install ssu lr"21:03
T42<b100dian> @elros34 updating dhd submodule + building packages -g (for droidmedia) did not help (the rpm is fresh, the OBS error stays). I don't expect (but love to be righted) to build the lineage droidmedia.21:03
Mister_Magistermal: they seem to have completely broken video playback21:04
Mister_Magisternot even jolla-gallery works21:04
voidanix[m]yes it is enabled, i also saw it getting updated during repo refreshes21:04
T42<elros34> @b100dian 0.20210702.0 seems to be too old, try 0.20210818.0 or latest21:04
Mister_Magistermal: i see it tries to do dlopen so probably strace would help why it fails, maybe lacks file, broken during update21:05
malMister_Magister: can you ask to check the droidmedia and gstreamer1.0-droid versions, one thing to test is to remove ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/registry.armv7l.bin21:05
malhmm, but if it tries droidmedia then that last thing is not relevant21:05
malMister_Magister: yes, strace would be nice21:05
T42<elros34> voidanix[m] 'ssu re' in target really shows 4.3.0?21:06
voidanix[m]`Device release is currently:` wut21:06
Mister_Magistermal: on it21:07
T42<elros34> voidanix[m]: yeah common issue, always use sdk-manage command from here to install correct target :
voidanix[m]trying to upgrade the target w/ ssu re and zypper dup now, hopefully that will do21:12
T42<elros34> sure but I think it's way slower than reinstaling21:13
T42<elros34> do not forget to upgrade tooling21:14
piggzmal: abr: with droidmedia and gst-droid for 4.3 im getting:21:14
piggz[defaultuser@VollaPhoneX ~]$ gst-inspect-1.021:14
piggzgst-plugin-scanner: /usr/share/droidmedia/hybris.c:53: __resolve_sym: Assertion `ptr != NULL' failed.21:14
piggzgst-plugin-scanner: /usr/share/droidmedia/hybris.c:53: __resolve_sym: Assertion `ptr != NULL' failed.21:14
Mister_Magisterpiggz: i just mentioned it21:15
piggzMister_Magister: ah ok :)21:16
Mister_Magistermal: droidmedia-0.20210818.0-1.4.1.jolla.armv7hl gstreamer1.0-droid-0.20210518.1-1.5.1.jolla.armv7hl21:16
Mister_Magisterpiggz: jump in :D21:16
Mister_Magisteron the train of broken droidmedia!21:16
Mister_Magisterpiggz: with you we now have 10x more chances of fixing it :D21:17
T42<elros34> isn't that too old? I think 0.20210820.0 should be better21:20
T42<elros34> I meant gst-droid version21:21
T42<b100dian> > 0.20210702.0 seems to be too old, try 0.20210818.0 or latest21:21
T42<b100dian> I21:21
T42<b100dian> I'll get back to you tomorrow, thanks for all the help @elros34 !21:21
Mister_Magister@elros34 idk i'm not jolla :D21:21
Mister_Magistermal: aaand here's strace
T42<elros34> but you can use zypper se -s gstreamer1.0-droid to see if there is never version not upgraded for some reason21:23
T42<elros34> 0.20210518.1 was for 4.2.021:24
Mister_Magisterworking on it21:24
piggzim using droid media 0.20210818.0 and gst-droid from the jolla repos21:25
Mister_Magister@elros34 i tried pkcon refresh and update and that didn't update anything so now trying zypper21:26
piggzactually, the droidmedia version might be too nbew21:27
piggz  | droidmedia-devel | package | 0.20210702.0-1 | noarch  | adaptation-community21:27
piggzmal: ^^ did you give me diff info? :D21:28
T42<elros34> looks like too old not too new, at least compared to changelog version21:28
piggz@elros34: ah yeah, thats adaptation-community, not -common ....21:30
piggzso the version ive built is correct21:30
Mister_Magister@elros34 zypepr does'nt see anything either21:30
T42<elros34> and devel not regular droidmedia21:31
Mister_Magisteri'm checking repos21:31
malpiggz: interesting, why also your device gives that, I don't have that, I have same version 0.20210818.021:33
malpiggz: which gst-droid do you have?21:33
malMister_Magister: wait, how does that device have gstreamer1.0-droid-0.20210518.1, that is too old, it should be 0.20210820.021:34
piggzmal: yeah, wrong version, from -community ... which im surprised even exists!21:34
Mister_Magistermal: i have no idea, all repos are 4.3, and even after zypper ref it only shows 0521:34
T42<elros34> do you have new repo adaptation-common in ssu lr?21:35
malMister_Magister: check rpm -e --test gstreamer1.0-droid21:36
piggzmal: Mister_Magister yeah, all workng now!21:36
Mister_Magisterdang susepaste banned me again21:36
malMister_Magister: also verify that the adaptation-common repo is in output of ssu lr21:37
Mister_Magisterit is in fact not21:37
piggzmal: OBS hasnt removed the binaries after deleting the package from the devel project, so it thought it had a higer version number (starts with 1.0.0-.....)21:37
malwtf, the repo is missing, that is problem21:38
malpiggz: hmm, ok21:38
Mister_Magistermal: the owner says they just used update page in settings21:39
malMister_Magister: did the user have any issues during update?21:39
Mister_Magistermal: they hadn't21:40
malto recover from that state run "ssu ar adaptation-common" then update using zypper or pkcon21:40
malhmm, or maybe using different name just in case21:41
malMister_Magister: so it's easier to remove that when it appear again21:42
Mister_Magistermal: gotcha21:42
Mister_Magistermal: i also added all the info to the forum thread21:42
malstill strange why the repo is missing21:42
malwondering if there is some custom package preventing something from updating21:43
Mister_Magistermal: i think they had rather fresh install as they reinstalled it very recently21:43
Mister_Magisteras you can see they didn't add that many repos21:44
Mister_Magistermal: "yep. I did factory reset and then update. from 3.4 to 4.2, always using the menu"21:44
Mister_Magisterso its fresh install21:45
malhmm, interesting, I will mention this internally tomorrow and see if someone can do a test update21:46
T42<elros34> straight from 3.4->4.2 or with  all stop releases? Recently all 4.x releases were marked as Stop rleases What about ssu-vendor-data-jolla 0.129-1.12.1.jolla. Is is installed?21:46
mal@elros34 that comment says using UI which should go through all stop releases21:46
Mister_Magistermal: after adding repo and doing zypper dup "gmp-droid gstreamer1.0-droid libnciplugin" are going to be updated21:47
Mister_Magisteri also did s/adaptation-common/adaptation-common-tmp/ as you mentioned21:47
malcheck version of ssu-vendor-data-jolla21:48
T42<elros34> mal: how UI knows which are the stop releases? Is there a way to figure out this at commandline  without manualy checking jolla zendesk?21:49
Mister_Magister@elros34 i would assume same way it konws about available updates, api21:49
Mister_Magisterso the api probably just returns version of update that is stop release21:50
mal@elros34 magic :) or in reality store backend advertises correct versions based on some internal information21:50
T42<elros34> it would be great to have access to that part of api given the fact jolla zendesk were recently outdated for several months21:50
Mister_Magistermal: So my assumption was fully correct :D21:51
Mister_Magistersince we can access jolla-store from ports, it should be rather possible to get update version at least?21:51
Mister_Magistermal: 0.129-1.12.1.jolla21:52
malMister_Magister: hmm, that seems correct, run "ssu ur"21:52
piggzmal: i wonder if thats anther obs issue to ping lbt about tomorrow21:53
Mister_Magistermal: as root i imagine?21:53
malpiggz: you mean something not getting removed?21:53
Mister_Magisterpiggz: i wonder when will lbt fix search21:53
Mister_Magistermal: done, do yuo need ssu lr?21:54
maljust check if the adaptation-common appeared there21:54
piggzmal: yeah, i have a lot of orphaned binaries now in
Mister_Magistermal: it didn't21:55
malpiggz: ok, that seems ok21:55
mal*seems odd21:55
malMister_Magister: very odd, maybe try zypper in --force ssu-vendor-data-jolla, the /usr/share/ssu/repos.d/10-jolla.ini file in that package should contain the repo21:58
malhopefully that force will reinstall it21:58
Mister_Magisterye force usually reinstalls it21:59
Mister_Magistermal: i know what you are trying to do i gotchu21:59
Mister_Magistermal: yep it added oneshot to update the repos22:00
Mister_Magistermal: did ssu ur and ssu lr aaaaaaand nothing22:01
malreboot just in case22:02
Mister_Magistermal: still whole lotta nothing22:05
malvery strange22:05
malalso check ssu version22:06
malshould be 1.0.1422:06
Mister_Magisterit is 1.0.1422:08
T42<elros34> rm -rf /var/cache/ssu/ and ssu ur22:08
Mister_Magister@elros34 is victorious22:15
T42<elros34> I remember rinigus reported somehow similar issue some time ago and created bug report:
voidanix[m]@elros34: updated the target, tooling and everything, the issue with pulseaudio-modules-droid-hidl remains22:24
T42<elros34> same issue? does zypper se -s audiosystem-passthrough return something in target? I wonder whether you hit similar issue I have sometimes in sailfish sdk when dependencies can not be installed22:26
T42<elros34> or even better zypper wp 'pkgconfig(audiosystem-passthrough)'22:28
voidanix[m]well, none of the audiosystem-passthrough* packages are installed22:29
T42<elros34> if latest command returns package then install it manually, that could be mentioned issue22:29
voidanix[m]funnily enough there is `Requires: audiosystem-passthrough-dummy-af` in ``22:30
voidanix[m]the latest one gives `No matching items found.`22:30
piggzmal: for devel:common you will need to delete packages provided by adaptation-common, and for testing:common, un-publish/disable them for 4.3 right22:30
T42<elros34> <voidanix[m]> what about ssu lr22:31
piggznoticed i still have some packages installed from devel:common which should now be from adaptation-common22:31
voidanix[m]adaptation-common is enabled, i see that the package is there22:31
T42<elros34> so how zypper wp 'pkgconfig(audiosystem-passthrough)' can not return it?22:32
voidanix[m]dunno, but `sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH -R -m sdk-install zypper search audiosystem` actually shows it22:33
T42<elros34> what about adaptation-community-common repo? You should have correct one22:33
Mister_Magistermal: since you're here, is there something i should know while doing fresh hybris17 aarch64 port?22:34
voidanix[m]there is no adaptation-community-common in `ssu lr`22:35
malMister_Magister: faq should have something for 1722:35
T42<elros34> voidanix[m] so try same magic as fe minutes ago: rm -rf /var/cache/ssu && ssu ur22:36
Mister_Magistermal: oki22:36
voidanix[m]@elros34: nope22:44
T42<elros34> try ssu ar adaptation-community-common-test$PORT_ARCH/22:46
T42<elros34> or what thah is probably wrong22:48
T42<elros34> this repo should be added by community-adaptation-localbuild rpm. I guess you do not follow HADK pdf but you use aosp way?22:51
voidanix[m]yep i am using the Xperia 10 II build guide22:56
voidanix[m]looks like `adaptation-community-common` was not there _at all_, adding the repo actually made --mw advance, thanks ^^22:57

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