Thursday, 2021-12-02

T42<Gloria Flores> Thanks, I never knew I will be able to pay off my bills and get back to stand again in life I want you guys to help me thank and appreciate02:10
T42<Gloria Flores> 👇👇👇👇02:10
T42<Gloria Flores>
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rinigusthis is to announce here as well that Tama is out. I am in particular happy with the new layout for OBS Tama repo.18:12
rinigusEach release will now go to separate project, as in
rinigusthat will allow me to add/remove release-specific packages, make updates for particular releases if needed without any major fuss18:13
piggz_rinigus: thats a good idea, i should do that18:52
piggz_rinigus: how do you migrate users to your new repo urls?20:49
piggz_i guess having a common release in both versions?20:50
riniguspiggz_: had to update community-adaptation in older release and asking them to update before OTA20:51
rinigususer's doc at
rinigushaving release in the both places would solve it as well.20:52
piggz_yeah, i think i may have 4.3 in both places, ship community-adaptation-testing, and all should be good20:56
piggz_mal: are you ignoring my gmp-droid pr? :)20:57
piggz_rinigus: wondering if we could move to sailfishos-open ?21:16
piggz_actually, no, ill just fork it21:16
malpiggz_: I have really no opinion to it21:45
piggz_mal: who would have opinion on whether or not it will get merged... if it will eventually, i will package the env file and ship the patch until its in a released version, if it wont get added, i will just ship a modified gmp-droid21:49
malpiggz_: abr probably21:55
piggz_rinigus: ping22:13
poetasterrinigus: do you think this repo organizing might be a way to 'branch' for sfos versions? I don't see another option but logic in spec files. Thinking of new api's (sharing, webview, etc)22:30
poetasterfork, branch, fork, branch.22:31

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