Saturday, 2021-12-04

T42<elros34> @rodrisola just a guess: BOARD_INCLUDE_DTB_IN_BOOTIMG := true?13:20
T42<rodrisola> Yes, (re @elros34: @rodrisola just a gu...)16:37
T42<rodrisola> YAnd it can be And it can be extracted from the original rom, from the boot(kernel) partition (re @elros34: @rodrisola just a gu...)16:38
T42<rodrisola> (re @rodrisola: YAnd it can be And i...)16:38
piggzmal: in im sure the initrd* and libgbinder packages need to be enabled19:37
malpiggz: which package is failing for you?19:59
malpiggz: common has gbinder from official release, you probably want the newer version20:10
piggzmal: whats the correct sensorfw-qt5-binder for 4.3?20:22
malpiggz: depends on which binder api version you need20:26
malsensorfw 0.12.4 is the normal one used20:27
piggzmal: another obs issue ... in testing: gmp-droid cant find droidmedia devel, but in devel: it finds it fine, and uses the jolla version.
malpiggz: because devel has build of droidmedia-devel20:36
piggzah, can testing: have that also then :)20:37
T42<elros34> @rodrisola I doubt you need to extract it, check make output or out/ directory because it's probably already built.20:41

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