Friday, 2022-01-07

T42<rodrisola> @foxclore i use hybris-installer05:43
T42<rodrisola> / #  grep -r ueventd /system/etc/init/06:22
T42<rodrisola> /system/etc/init/hw/init.rc:    start ueventd06:22
T42<rodrisola> /system/etc/init/hw/init.rc:service ueventd /system/bin/ueventd06:22
T42<rodrisola> /system/etc/init/hw/init.rc:    seclabel u:r:ueventd:s006:22
T42<rodrisola> / # grep -r ueventd /vendor/etc/init/06:22
T42<rodrisola> / # (re @elros34: did you grep -r ueve...)06:22
T42<rodrisola> journalctl no tail :
T42<elros34> @rodrisola so I assume this is related to apexd failure so when you will have apex working there will be no ueventd11:54
T42<rodrisola> I read this apexd.rc17:35
T42<rodrisola> In the line 1517:36
T42<rodrisola> Losetup creates a dirty page error, that's why it doesn't mount the apex, I don't know if it's a losetup error, I'll try to mount them on twrp or linux and I see if it gives an error or not.17:40

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