Friday, 2022-01-14

Thaodan@b100dian: Xperia 1/5 III is Android 12 :/ I have one and was looking into that.10:05
T42<naz664> /notes12:17
T42<b100dian> So from the reviews it seems it was launched with android 11, you're saying only AOSP 12 is available on the sony repos, Thaodan? I didnt' find where the version is in the sagami device repo12:47
Thaodanb100dian: Yes because Sony AOSP is different and they only added it for Android 12.12:48
Thaodanthis is only in 1212:48
T42<b100dian> Darn:)12:57
T42<b100dian> Thanks for warning me before I started to search for prices.13:13
T42<b100dian> I suppose that using a GSI (generic system image) is not an option?13:15
piggz_rinigus: did you see SFOS will get alpha-numeric codes ... i wonder where they got the idea :D14:34
riniguspiggz_: I did. they argued that corresponding work started before community edition - so cannot claim the idea part. well, let's see what it will be. probably will keep tama on open source variant14:39
ThaodanYou could ask at the community meeting if there's interest in adapting the foss variant.15:13
ThaodanIMHO the issue is not the input method it self but where the real key is stored.15:16
Thaodan still shows freenode in its description and not oftc.15:16
Thaodanpiggz ^15:16
T42<Verevka86> Poco X3 Pro works without this patch (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>was it this htt...)15:57
T42<Natalie> Friends, if you are mature and stable, please contact me, I think we can share our daily life with each other, communicate and understand and become sincere friends16:59
T42<AntonlX> how to fix adsprpcd loop restarting?
ThaodanAntonlyX: which port?17:24
T42<AntonlX> 18.1 (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <Thaodan>AntonlyX: w...)17:32
T42<AntonlX> @Thaodan 18.117:43
Thaodan18.1 is not a port17:46
ThaodanDevice Vendor etc.17:46
ThaodanI had a similar issue on kumano before upating my device to latest stock before flashing sailfish os/aosp17:47
T42<AntonlX> My device is Redmi Note 9 Pro, codename miatoll, vendor Xiaomi, hybris 18.1 port17:51
ThaodanThen I suggest updating your stock rom to the latest version that has Android 11.17:53
ThaodanDoes this also happen on lineage?17:53
T42<AntonlX> Yes this is lineage os (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <Thaodan>Does this a...)17:55
ThaodanI mean does the bug also happen on lineage os17:55
T42<AntonlX> I am already on the stock version17:55
T42<AntonlX> *latest17:55
T42<AntonlX> I don't know, i am gonna check17:56
T42<b100dian> Let me check my notes, but I think you need to actually disable audioserver with override18:47
rinigusThaodan: thanks for your suggestion. added a topic for the next meeting regarding encryption. I don't expect to be able to attend, but maybe someone can respond if needed. also, my email should be available for contact, Jolla should feel free to use it18:48
T42<b100dian> Sorry @AntonlX do you have service starting? that itself causes a restart in about 60 seconds if audioservice doesnt' start too. You probably need to double-check if both are actually disabled (i.e. add override if not present in the rc file)18:51
T42<Verevka86> This? (re @b100dian: Sorry @AntonlX do yo...)19:05
T42<b100dian> add "  override" on the next line if it actually starts19:05
T42<b100dian> this way it disables it even if the real definition is parsed before, if that's what happens to you too (did on my xiaomi)19:06
T42<b100dian> I don't remeber 100% so maybe just do that for audioserver too19:07
T42<b100dian> you can just copy disabled_services.rc into your own sparse folder to edit it and it will override the sparse-11 (well, it did overwrite sparse-10 so..)19:09
Thaodanvoidanix[m]: are you interesting in helping maintaining Xperia 1/5 port at
voidanix[m]absolutely, had the same idea some time ago but didn't bother asking :P21:00
Thaodanhehe :D I'm currently finnishing the bug tracker21:02
Thaodanplease open any issues you find.21:02
Thaodanvoidanix[m]: pushed all repos today, will merge your PR and update tomorrow.21:42
T42<Verevka86> tell me how to create these symlinks in hybris-18.1 dynpart now? in /system, /odm, /oem they don't work22:04
ThaodanLena doesn't use dynpart22:06
Thaodaneither package droid-system or handle dynpart22:06
ThaodanI guess they don't really work since you have those partitions as ro22:08
malwhich symlinks?22:18
malif the device doesn't have odm then doing those in odm is ok22:18
malif it has then it's a bit of a problem22:18
T42<Verevka86> and if there is an odm, where to add them? (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>if the device d...)22:25
ThaodanYou can't if the partitions where the symlinks are ro22:28
T42<Verevka86> (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <Thaodan>You can't i...)22:30
Thaodanstill you can't, those partitions are suppossed to 1-1 copies of the build image22:31
Thaodanyou could only add them directly to the images flashed22:31
ThaodanCan you package droid-system?22:31
T42<Verevka86> no (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <Thaodan>Can you pac...)22:31
Thaodanwhy not?22:32
malone option is to patch maybe system/core to load things from some other location22:34
T42<Verevka86> Can you help with that?22:40
T42<Verevka86> In halium, this is done, but it requires compiling system.img (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>one option is t...)22:40
ThaodanThen do that?22:51
malor patch the place that defines where those files are searched23:00
T42<Verevka86> + but how to do that? (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>or patch the pl...)23:01
malnot sure exactly23:03
malI haven't looked into that yet23:03

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