Tuesday, 2022-01-18

T42_<Nicole> 😄10:26
T42_<AntonlX> Does jolla's sailfish os encryption creates home in img file?18:14
malencryption can be only used in lvm based builds, which is possible for community devices also but not the default way18:31
malbecause it's much easier to debug the non-lvm builds18:32
rinigus@AntonIX and mal: community version of encryption actually allow you to have encrypted image file that can be mounted as /home18:47
rinigussee https://github.com/sailfishos-open/sailfish-device-encryption-community/blob/main/Setup.md#configuration-for-ports-with-home-on--partition18:48
deathmistmal: this is probably dumb but could you build the droid HAL inside sfossdk chroot (as in are the required packages available)? I've got an idea to write a configurable & automated bootstrap script for SFOS that would ideally be separate from the host as much as possible19:53
deathmistgoing through 2 chroots is kinda bad and is already causing issues in testing the "command passing"19:54
Thaodandeathmist: droid-hal could since it doesn't invoke java but we use ubu-chroot usually19:59
ThaodanI usually invoke ubu_chroot like this: https://gitlab.com/Thaodan/hadk_tools/-/blob/master/src/hadk.build.in.sh#L6620:02

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