Wednesday, 2022-01-26

dcalisteHello channel, looking at, I'm wondering how to recompile a kernel for the JollaC, put it on the phone and revert in case it's not working. Is it simply possible at all ?08:36
dcalisteBesides, do you know if there is a public repo for kernel adaptation (for JollaC) ? Where I can discuss and submit a patch ?08:37
T42_<elros34> dcaliste: whait for jolla dev answer but in meantime AFAIK there is no public repo, there were some dumps of sources and even github repo without commit history but I do not remember whether it was for jolla 1 or C. Maybe  not mounting debugfs: sys-kernel-debug.mount is more feasible solution09:35
dcalisteYeh, I found the sources there : but it's just tar balls. Too bad there is no repo with git history. It's very boring to work with tarballs, no way to see when a line was introduced, is it patched upstream already…09:37
dcalisteFor the kernel panic discussed in the forum topic, indeed a good work around could be not to mount the debug fs. Thanks for pointing it out.09:38
dcalisteI wonder why it's on by default. There may be a reason…09:38
T42_<elros34> I was thinks about same  but it's enabled by systemd hm09:45
T42_<elros34> dcaliste: this is the github repo I was thinking but it's outdated:
T42_<elros34> at least looks like09:59
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Thaodanrinigus piggz: No need to fork nemo-qml-plugin systemsettings anymore was merged12:39
piggzThaodan: great!12:47
piggzThaodan: 4.5?12:47
rinigusThaodan: looking forward to it!19:46
T42_<b100dian> The major update I am looking forward, the browser - can it be just backported (ie. can I add it _now_ to the build)? Of course I’d like the whole release, but maybe it takes more time because of other engagements (new devices, volte, sailjail..)20:00
ThaodanYes however it will replace system packaged of course.20:02
T42_<b100dian> Thanks, I will try that if I start itching:)21:55
T42_<ceptoreceptor> Has anyone ported sfos to an android tablet?22:22
T42_<adampigg> there are several (re @ceptoreceptor: Has anyone ported sf...)22:23
T42_<ceptoreceptor> Any with somewhat modern hardware? (re @adampigg: there are several)22:24
HengYe[m]My device has lineage 17.1 and 18 but 17.1 is discontinued. should i use 18 or is that still to early?22:37
HengYe[m]<T42_> "<ceptoreceptor> Any with..." <- I just bought a galaxy s6 lite to port22:37
HengYe[m]hence my question22:37
T42_<zinstack625> HengYe[m]: you can surely try, but there are devices that are hacky, unreliable and some straight up will not work23:02
T42_<zinstack625> Earlier is better, don’t look at it being discontinued, most of the android stuff remains unused, and blobs are generally not updated23:02
ThaodanEven when a device is updated to a newer major android version that doesn't mean the update blobs.23:24
Thaodanand thus kerne/vendor lobs23:25

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