Thursday, 2022-02-03

rinigusdeathmist: maybe mal knows how to debug keystore crashes or why they may occur.05:37
deathmistany particular port I should look at for an example to unify droid-* repos for 2 99% similar devices?13:15
T42_<elros34> official devices support many device variants: single/dual sim and so on13:23
maldeathmist: I have used repos which combined 9 devices :)13:28
T42_<KernelPanix> hi13:45
T42_<KernelPanix> defconfig for mer hybris Linux 4.14 Like Linux 4.4 ?13:45
deathmist@KernelPanix not sure what you're asking, just run and fix your kernel defconfig file as suggested. details this in section 5.4.113:58

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