Monday, 2022-02-07

T42_<MichaelArthurLong> Alright, so in, building the droid-hal, configs, and middleware(mw) invokes their own function from, but building droidmeta doesn't.00:00
T42_<MichaelArthurLong> droidmedia* not droidmeta00:19
T42_<foxclore> Hey, im trying to build my base, and i keep getting ValueError: List of dtimages to add to DTBO not provided00:38
T42_<foxclore> Any tips on how to solve this?00:38
Thaodan64bit kernel doesn't mean that stock media blobs (camera vendor libs etc.) are 64bit07:12
Thaodanfor older releases there are often 32bit.07:12
T42_<dcmmc> hybris_device_fb_init(): no known display power control interfaces08:43
T42_<dcmmc> Any tips on how to solve this?08:43
T42_<dcmmc> Also I got usb_moded: /config/usb_gadget/g1/functions/rndis.usb0/ethaddr: can't open for writing: No such file or directory08:55
T42_<dcmmc> USB gadget seems failed08:56
T42_<elros34> @dcmmc you can try tomask usb-moded.service temporary. usb is setup first in init script and that should be enough for connnection10:24
T42_<dcmmc> okay11:02
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