Wednesday, 2022-03-09

Mister_Magisterokay in set location i have accuracy but when sending dbus signal, the accuracy is nan00:19
Mister_Magisterwhich is weird because emitting the dbus signal is literally after setLocation00:20
Mister_Magisterso m_currentLocation.setTimestamp removes accuracy. Go figure00:37
Mister_Magisteryeah after Fixing timestamp offset the accuracy in m_currentLocation goes to hell00:38
Mister_Magisteri have no idea why but it's constantly getting cleared00:52
Mister_Magisterrinigus: will be happy01:15
Mister_Magistermal: Could you push to to whom it might concern please?01:21
piggzmal: abr: is this in any current released build? (inc 4.4)08:29
piggzit sounds similar to the the availableCameras.length problem just fixed in advancedcamera08:29
Mister_Magisterahhhh rinigus will be so happy09:25
Mister_Magisterrinigus: and it was in fact geoclue's fault not my adaptation's fault09:37
Mister_Magisterrinigus: apologise to g2 >:(09:37
malMister_Magister: quite interesting that bug in geoclue and how nobody has noticed it before12:04
malpiggz: that qtmm change has been included since 4.2.013:47
piggzmal: ok, so accessing availableCameras.length while camera is active also causes an error still13:53
malpiggz: not sure I understand what you mean13:54
piggzmal: in qml, if you read QtMultimedia.availableCameras.length while a camers is active, causes a problem (on some devices)13:55
piggzpresumably  in a lower level to this code
malpiggz: but do you need to do that more than once?13:56
piggzmal: it was the cause of the main camera not working in advanced-camera for some devices ... changed code to only read that property once on startup13:56
piggzmal: no, so, its fixed, but it was a weird one13:57
malqtmm or gst-droid does things a bit annoying, it creates separate client for getting some information13:57
piggzmal: fixed in
T42<Spidey24Z> hey guys14:15
T42<Spidey24Z> guys why droid-hal-init: Failed to initialize property area ? :
malwhich android base version?14:27
T42<Spidey24Z> 8.014:27
T42<Spidey24Z> hybris 1514:27
malis selinux correctly disabled?14:32
T42<Spidey24Z> yeah audit=n14:32
malI think normally audit is y and then selinux is disabled from kernel commandline with the boot param way the CONFIG_AUDIT entry in there says how to do it "set AUDIT=y and SELINUX_BOOTPARAM=y. Then disable them via kernel cmdline: audit=0 selinux=0"14:36
malkernel commandline is in BoardConfig file in your device repo14:37
T42<Spidey24Z> i tried this way not boot at all14:38
T42<Spidey24Z> stuck on logo no telnet14:38
T42<Spidey24Z> can i use apparmor instead of selinux14:39
malso with selinux disabled from commandline you don't see the device usb interface at all on host side?14:40
T42<Spidey24Z> do i unset all selinux in defconfig14:41
T42<Spidey24Z> yeah (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>so with selinux...)14:41
T42<elros34> for samsung boardconfig*.mk cmdline may be ignored, did you even have anything set there?14:42
T42<Spidey24Z> i set from CONFIG_CMDLINE=" " (re @elros34: for samsung boardcon...)14:43
T42<Spidey24Z> also i edit dts14:43
T42<elros34> are you sure you did not overwrite bootloader or default cmdline?14:44
T42<Spidey24Z> if did that phone did not boot (re @elros34: are you sure you did...)14:45
T42<elros34> CONFIG_CMDLINE could overwrite bootloader cmdline if there is no CONFIG_CMDLINE_EXTEND14:45
T42<Spidey24Z> here phone stuck in logo but brightness and touch screen even key all works (re @Spidey24Z: )14:46
T42<Spidey24Z> yeah i add this line (re @elros34: CONFIG_CMDLINE could...)14:46
T42<elros34> but is it supported by kernel? Is it included in .config?14:47
T42<Spidey24Z> here phone stuck on logo but brightness and touch screen even keys all works (edited) (re @Spidey24Z: )14:47
T42<Spidey24Z> yeah i check .config and it is included (re @elros34: but is it supported ...)14:48
T42<elros34> Have you tired CONFIG_SECURITY_SELINUX_BOOTPARAM_VALUE=0 instead14:49
T42<Spidey24Z> i will try (re @elros34: Have you tired CONFI...)14:49
abrpiggz: looks like that was fixed in 4.3 and backported to 4.214:50
abrah mal already answerd14:53
T42<Spidey24Z> do i set auto4fs as module ?14:54
T42<elros34> yes14:55
T42<elros34> sorry not as module, just enable14:55
T42<Spidey24Z> thanks (re @elros34: sorry not as module,...)14:56
T42<Spidey24Z> [    7.156828] systemd-gpt-auto-generator[2139]: Failed to dissect: Input/output error14:56
T42<Spidey24Z> [    7.157747] systemd[2134]: /usr/lib/systemd/system-generators/systemd-gpt-auto-generator failed with exit status 1.14:56
T42<Spidey24Z> what cause this error?14:56
T42<elros34> I do not think is relevant, on sfos all relevant mount units are prepared at build time14:58
T42<Spidey24Z> thanks14:59
T42<Spidey24Z> another question14:59
T42<Spidey24Z> can not found CONFIG_IPC_NS in defconfig15:00
T42<Spidey24Z> just add it or what?15:00
T42<elros34> yes, if it's supported and all dependencies for it are enabled then you  will see it in generated .config15:01
T42<Spidey24Z> okay15:01
T42<Ömer> Is there a device suitable for daily use?... I want to use Sailfish.15:13
T42<Asmir927> Xperia 10 II15:24
piggzabr: yeah, so the other issue is different16:05
Mister_Magisteri will be forever  grateful to sfos porting community for teaching me english xd16:43
malMister_Magister: I don't quite understand how you noticed the issue in geoclue18:40
malI tried to find how to broken information from it but can't18:40
mal*how to get18:41
malso it happens only if device needs timestamp fixup19:32
Mister_Magistermal: my device wasn't reporting accuracy20:01
Mister_Magisterso it's quite obvious to find it20:01
Mister_Magistermal: and also no20:11
Mister_Magister[20:32] <mal> so it happens only if device needs timestamp fixup20:11
Mister_Magisterthis is false20:11
malMister_Magister: hmm, then why can't I reproduce the issue20:22
piggzMister_Magister: saying a PR is "magic" is no way to get mal to accept it :D20:23
Mister_Magisterpiggz: it's already merged so idc20:23
malstill very odd20:24
Mister_Magisterwell ye20:24
Mister_Magisterreason is obvious why its broken20:24
Mister_Magisterbut why it's working20:24
Mister_Magisteris pure magic to me20:24
Mister_Magisterlike, the issue is not present on any device but g2 i think20:25
Mister_Magistersomeone would report it20:25
malit was a clear bug in the code but for example on x10 II accuracy updates just fine20:25
Mister_Magistermal: yep i know that20:27
Mister_Magisterlike i said nobody reported it so far even though it shouldn't be working20:27
Mister_Magistermal: does x10 II fix timestamp?20:27
malonly some old device need the fixup20:27
malthat is why I thought it could be related20:27
Mister_Magisterit could be20:28
Mister_Magistermaybe just accessing the accuracy breaks it20:28
Mister_Magistermal: that could somewhat make sense if compiler optimizations somehow make it so that if nothing accesses it then it works20:29
Mister_Magistertry duping accuracy before dbus for example20:29
malyeah, that is what I thought, it might not make a copy if it's not modified20:29
Mister_Magisterprefferably multiple times20:29
Mister_Magisteror try compiling with -O020:29
Mister_Magisteror try modifying it ye20:30
raspSo, you guys use android apps on sfos, right?21:26
raspDoes it work well?21:26
raspIs it worth me investing the energy in porting to my device, so i can use it as a daily driver instead of android?21:27
rasp(i have a good many android apps i _need_ to use)21:27
Mister_Magisterrasp: i don't21:35
Mister_Magisterwe're sailfish-porters, till recently we had no android layer21:35
T42<HengYeDev> i just got the bluebinder to work, but when i try to pair my bt keyboard, sailfish says its paired but the keyboard does not acknoledge the pairing. How can i try to debug this22:40
T42<Ömer> Thanks (re @Asmir927: Xperia 10 II)22:43
T42<HengYeDev> pairing a bluetooth speaker works though22:45
T42<HengYeDev> is it the keyboard problem?22:45
T42<HengYeDev> the keyboard works fine on my archlinux laptop23:00

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