Wednesday, 2022-03-30

T42<elros34> It's because of bunch of random changes in your droid-config especially added binary libs07:08
Mister_Magisterso what do i need for 4.4? just update packages or anything special?17:06
poetasterpatience to debug all the sailjail foo17:06
Mister_Magisterthats to be expecetd17:06
Mister_Magisteri want to update one of my devices so that i can debug my apps17:06
malno idea yet, I haven't tried to update fp2 to 4.417:40
poetastermy fp2 runs 3.4 nicely. ok gps doesn't work, but it's just fine otherwise18:44
poetaster(ducks and runs)18:44
malpoetaster: why is gps not working?18:54
poetastermal, good question. It could be that it's just very slow. I'll fire it up and try, now.18:59
poetastermal, I was comparing with a much newer device while debugging19:00
poetastermal, I just checked and I had flashed the new fp android 10 on that device to see if battery drain was any better19:03
poetastermal, to be frank, even with a new battery (6 months old) neither sfos or android 10 holds up for a day19:04
poetastermal, and I'm a feed reader19:05
malpoetaster: oh, that does sound like some device issue then, my fp2 can do several days without charging19:05
maland that is original battery19:05
poetastermal, ok. that's not so unlikely. the device has obvious display 'strain' which doesn't impact use, but suggests it's damaged.19:06
malstill odd why it would affect battery life so much19:07
T42<zefmck0> have you already ported SailfishOS to Google Pixel 3 or 4 here?19:08
poetastermal, the install is very minimal although it was a target for builds I was doing last year.19:09
poetastermal, just app builds, not os.19:10
T42<zefmck0> uf19:11
T42<zefmck0> Is so complicated?19:11
poetastermal, point me to 4.x image and I'll flash the fp2 to 4 and try to gather battery usage data.19:16
poetastermal, and while we're talking how do I debug droidmedia :)19:16
poetastermal, on it19:23
poetaster431 mb. nice.19:23

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