Monday, 2022-04-04

T42<edp_17> mal: Do you remember the fix for hybris-12.1 was being too large?12:10
T42<edp_17> I've checked out hybris-12.1-minimize and did a repo sync.12:10
T42<edp_17> The size of local repo went down from 74GB to 34GB. I got 40Gb back. :) Thanks.12:11
T42<edp_17> I have not tried whether I can build anything with the shrinked repo though. :)12:12
malI thought those were merged already, it seems not12:23
T42<edp_17> mal: Could you please delete the hybris-12.1-minimize branch once it got merged into hybris-12.1?12:25
T42<edp_17> Thanks!12:27
deathmistmal: what questions did you have about mainline stuff btw?12:41
maldeathmist: just wondering about modem on your device, is it working at all?12:44
deathmistmal: yeah, I've not done any SMS/MMS/call testing recently though but it does at least start and it shows signal info etc. for an old prepaid SIM which I can also unlock12:47
deathmistI really should test it again12:47
deathmistit doesn't work via ofono-qrtr fork but ModemManager is fine12:48
maldeathmist: I was trying to use fp4 mainline with ofono and it gets quite far but fails to set the modem to online state12:56
malqmi error code says device not ready12:56
maldeathmist: I had to patch ofono qrtr fork a bit12:57
malsame issue on fp4 using modemmanager so it's not an ofono issue12:57
maldeathmist: do you have the udev rules etc for that device12:57
deathmistmal: it looks like I've just got /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/77-mm-qcom-soc.rules which ships as standard on ModemManager when the qcom-soc plugin is enabled during configure:
deathmistas for ofono, I never got any signs of life from that on MSM8998, nothing at all in debug logs and test scripts did nothing as far as I could tell13:03
deathmistdidn't bother to debug it further considering most distros just use ModemManager anyway and it has a lot more active development (and things actually getting merged)13:04
maldeathmist: the patch I had to make for ofono was to fix it select correct qrtr node, it was selecting completely wrong one13:05
malthat depends on device and in which order it reports things and what kind of services13:05
deathmistbleh, so I guess it was hardcoded for MSM8974 or whatever13:08
deathmistah 895313:09
malthe issue with that selection was that qrtr support 32-bit ids and qmi only 8-bit, it blindly assigned the 32-bit value to qmi packet and that caused in some cases for it to select incorrect one for example 4098 instead of 213:10
deathmistmal: do you have WLAN working? usually when that works the modem should be fine and all required daemons running13:11
maldeathmist: wlan works, bt doesn't13:11
deathmistyeah BT is separate though, runs it's own firmware and can work even if modem doesn't13:11
malsomething is causing modem to think it's not ready, it does successfully report imei and stuff to ofono but final startup fails13:12
malas mentioned earlier modemmanager fails the same way13:12
deathmistthe issue could be in libqmi if the test commands (via qmicli) for that cannot unlock the SIM either and show carrier etc.13:14
deathmistI can dig up the old stuff I used to test early modem things13:14
deathmistnot sure if ofono uses libqmi though13:14
malit doesn't use it13:14
malbut I can see if I can do something with libqmi as a test13:15
deathmistmal: here's the commands of interest that I just tested as working on 8998:
deathmistqmicli has a handy -v flag for verbose details if you're interested in the QMI communication packets13:28
maldeathmist: does gps work on your device?13:29
malfor me it seems like it starts but I never get any incoming nmea messages13:30
deathmistmal: yep, but requires a patch in GPSD for example to support the PDS protocol which a running service provides access to:
deathmistI've actually not tested it in a while but at least it used to work13:30
malwondering how different that is from the gpsd I used, I used rebased this one
deathmistit has the same patch. though I don't know if the one in the MR is different13:32
deathmistI've also just rebased the patch but in the MR instead13:32
maldeathmist: that "qmicli -d qrtr://0 --dms-set-operating-mode=online" returns the same DeviceNotReady error14:40
deathmistmal: yeah I figured :/ something could be missing from both libqmi and ofono-qrtr for your SoC potentially14:42
deathmistyou could also try these before the previuosly sent ones (if you have a dual-sim device):
deathmistyou could make an issue on libqmi's GitLab to track progress perhaps and maybe get others to chime in if they have the same (or similar gen) SoC14:46
maldeathmist: those didn't help15:15
T42<adampigg> ^^ this is the result of biktori from the pinephone modem fw, debugging with ofono, and fixing some things to work16:38
poetasterphone's talking to themselves via dbus prompts. be afraid.17:02
T42<adampigg> its a firmware feature that allows you to talk to the modem :)17:04
lotheacis the code used to build the sailfish platform SDK public somewhere? eg. if I wanted to fix some annoyance in the ubu-chroot script or something17:11
lotheac(having googled a certain comment from that script and getting 0 results I kind of know the answer, but asking anyway)17:11
poetasterT42<adampigg> it is kind of cool in a 'dave, what are you doing dave' sort of way.17:47
T42<elros34> lotheac: maybe this one
T42<adampigg> poetester: the key really is that the fw dev is now testing/fixing bugs that exist on ofono, making it better all round17:53
lotheacelros34: oh, that's the one. thanks!17:57
Thaodanlotheac: What is it? I'm working on that right now. Feel free to ask.18:53
ThaodanYou can also try zypper se --provides <file> if you want to look from which package which file is18:58
Thaodanzypper info <pkg> tells you the srcpackage which often mathes the git repo name of the project on github18:59
T42<b100dian> lotheac: google or any general purpose search engine is no match for gihub, in my experience (or any git hosting, for that matter). If google would follow the link on git hosting services without implementing git itself it would run into some scalability issues:)19:42
T42<b100dian> Of course the same goes for many scms, hg, svn, you name em19:43
voidanix[m]is it normal for `rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=` in the 10 III build guide to fail?19:58
voidanix[m]says there are unstaged changes, probably because of ``19:58
voidanix[m]probably even worse is that mic spat out a home.img and root.img that i have no idea how to flash :D21:03

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