Wednesday, 2022-04-06

T42<edp_17> mal , lbt , somebody : For your attention. On OBS building packages do fail with "No space left on device"06:39
T42<adampigg> Lbt: sticking around?08:19
lbtI'll be around, yes :)08:20
T42<adampigg> lbt: cool, just wanted to discuss an obs issue affecting the last few releases...08:21
T42<adampigg> jolla now has an adaptation-common repo, removing the need for ports to build some packages08:22
lbtOK - what? (I'll multitask on the disk space thing)08:22
T42<adampigg> but, those ore not on obs, so, to meet build requirements for eg droid-hal-version, you still need to buikd them manually on obs08:22
lbtdoes that need a per-release rebuild of the adaptation common ?08:25
T42<adampigg> possibly.. on my device its url is so is versioned08:29
T42<adampigg> i think those repos should be available to build against, like the main sfos ones08:29
Mister_Magisterlbt: how about fixing search?08:29
T42<adampigg> get to the back of the queue :D08:30
Mister_Magisteri was months before you08:30
lbtSearch is broken until OBS upgrade08:35
lbtadampigg: yeah - I haven't looked at how we publish them and pulling them into OBS. I've paused my work on refactoiring the SFOS release process and it should have come out of that08:36
lbtI have a call now - well be around though08:36
T42<edp_17> Ops, now I am getting "500: Internal Server Error" when trying to access OBS.08:56
T42<kquote03> hybris-17.1 (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>which android b...)09:07
T42<adampigg> mal maybe sensorfwd should go in hw-common09:16
T42<kquote03> do I need to have a /product ?10:02
Thaodan@kquote03: No10:19
T42<kquote03> Thanks!10:20
T42<kquote03> apexd Successfully bind-mounted flattened package /system/apex/ on /apex/
T42<kquote03> /system/apex/ contains files10:22
T42<kquote03> but /apex/ does not contain anything10:22
malapex can be empty also10:41
Mister_Magistermal: any update on the qtdemux or should i debug it myself?11:32
malI haven't had time to look into that yet11:39
voidanix[m]does the droid-hal-img-boot-* middleware build only at the last tag of the repo and not on HEAD?13:01
T42<Spidey24Z> Hello15:57
T42<Spidey24Z> hybris 11 .repo folder more than 70Gb is that normal ?15:59
malthat sounds a bit high, on my hybris-11.0 sources it's 16 GB16:01
T42<edp_17> On my hybris-10 .repo is 50GB. It also feels too high.16:08
T42<Spidey24Z> So why is that?16:28
T42<Mister_Magister> magic16:41
T42<elros34> @Spidey24Z check which repo use most space, in hybris-11 branch /project-objects/platform mer-hybris and CyanogenMod should use no more than 14GB19:27
T42<edp_17> Hi all. Which SoC is easier for porting sfos to: exynos or snapdragon? Thanks.21:09
T42<Spidey24Z> @elros34 it's platform ndk and SDK I edit default.xml set clone depth to 1 now it's around 16GB21:12
mal@edp_17 qcom snapdragons usually21:39
malnot many exynos ports, if any21:39

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