Friday, 2022-04-08

T42<Spidey24Z> @elros34 now apex mounted and logcat work but "Dependency failed for The lipstick security prompt UI" all logs08:22
T42<Spidey24Z> logcat >
T42<Spidey24Z> journalctl >
T42<Spidey24Z> dmesg >
T42<Spidey24Z> mount >
T42<kquote03> we apologize. it should be up to date now. apex is working now (re @elros34: but it mentions abou...)11:15
T42<kquote03> test_hwcomposer now gets terminated (no segfault)11:18
T42<nephros> Building HAL against a lineage 15.1 base, I get a lot of selinux policy errors from /vendor/foo/bar/selinux/*.te files.11:45
T42<nephros> What is the strategy here? just comment the offending lines and retry?11:45
T42<nephros> correction: vendor/foo/bar/sepolicy/*.te11:51
T42<nephros> ... or just nuke everything there? (which makes the compilation continue)12:19
T42<elros34> @Spidey24Z mind sharing for others how did you fixed your strange apex issue?15:46
T42<kquote03> No it’s too embarrassing (re @elros34: @Spidey24Z mind shar...)17:33
T42<kquote03> Made a typo in %define android version17:34
poetasterI wasted an hour today because of s/http:/https:/17:35
T42<kquote03> My guy, I almost quit HTML because of color/colour (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <poetaster>I wasted ...)17:35
poetasterI was raised on Canadian english. will f' you up. Colour, neighbour, flavour :)17:36
T42<kquote03> Same here lol, grew up in a British curriculum school17:37
poetasterAh, and that swapping back and forth between metric and imperial units. I would guess you were spared the american take?17:37
T42<kquote03> Thank goodness, I did.. tho I still had to learn how ounces work (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <poetaster>Ah, and t...)17:38
poetasterpiggz, anything I can do to help with droid media? A have a spare device...17:39
poetasterAh, the US to Imperial conversion trauma I have known.17:42
poetasterrinigus, can you recommend the XZ2 Compact? currently fighting with video on the volla and I need a video recording capable device.18:13
T42<b100dian> Mister_Magister what did you learn about gstreamer?18:48
T42<b100dian> @nephros do you have a specific device repo where you get the error?18:49
T42<elros34> @kquote03  interesting, so you use wrong version or whole define was wrong?19:03
riniguspoetaster: I would not recommend Tama devices (xz2c and others) for camera, video or photo. Aosp9 was a major disaster, aosp10 is better, but I don't think it was good as it can be.19:07
rinigusWe can't use flash, focus can be tricky still sometimes19:08
T42<kquote03> It was commented out (re @elros34: @kquote03  interesti...)19:15
poetasterrinigus, thanks. hopefully I can just help fix droidmedia on volla19:26
T42<Spidey24Z> how to fix this error "Fatal: None of the selected test suites operate on the selected test levels. Nothing to do."19:42
T42<nephros> Vlad: it's this one ( not mine), in either the 'rebase' or 'oreo' branch.22:21
T42<nephros> Vlad: I can't link it here, but it's on github, username SonyCustoms.22:28
T42<kquote03> Hello,
T42<kquote03> I keep getting ServiceManager: service 'Exynos.HWCService' died22:50
T42<kquote03> every time I run minimer22:50

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