Tuesday, 2022-04-26

T42<adampigg> Its a good idea not to overwrite your host rootfs with an sailfish phone rootfs07:58
piggzmal: (or anyone) ... have you had a port where you get bad flickering on first boot, after the initial startup (language) wizard? ... goes away if restarting hwcomposer and lipstick, or, rebooting (so the initial wizard doesnt run)19:08
malpiggz: do you have the usual services to start and stop hwc on switching?19:18
piggzmal: like https://github.com/mer-hybris/droid-config-sony-lena/commit/0e2713358e88dc9b2c055db83e62b8452e6a5bd5#diff-59e5b7a16ec0e8df3da832eddf96efbab8bb39fc811f9d9f80c5a93996bbad62 ?19:18
malyes, those ones, check the naming of those19:19
malthat vendor.qti.hardware.display.composer in there19:20
piggzmal: i tried addig that to /usr/lib/systemd/user/jolla-startupwizard-pre-user-session.service.d/50-vendor-hwcomposer.conf19:20
piggzmal: however, the service doesnt actually restart19:37
piggzi checked, pids are the same19:37
piggzmal: ah, found this i logs19:53
piggzstop[8984]: Must be root19:53
piggzhowever,thescript specifes + for the command, so should run as root20:10
piggzmal: i guess becuase user session systemd runs as defaultuser20:32
piggzso it cant run things as root20:32
Thaodanpiggz: can you do it like this /usr/bin/setprop ctl.restart <service>?20:37
piggzThaodan: it looks like it -tries- ....20:47
piggz[init.svc.vendor.qti.hardware.display.composer]: [stopping]20:47
piggzproblem persists tho20:50

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