Thursday, 2022-05-12

T42<Patrick> Anyone want to buy a Sailfish Sony 10 II? It's basically just a brick now since Sailfish has no Voice-over-LTE support and US carriers blacklist any devices without voice-over-lte02:44
T42<Patrick> ...and thus ends 12 years of continuous Linux phone usage going back to the N900. Wish it didn't have to come to this but 🤷 here we are...02:45
T42<birdzhang> it's off topic, but VoLTE support is coming02:46
T42<Patrick> Yeah since 2017. But its not *here* which means the phone can't make calls and I'm kicked off the network, ergo brick02:47
ThaodanYou saw the demo? Its not just "comming".02:59
T42<edp_17> I have these in there. (It looks okay.)
T42<edp_17> 06:57
T42<edp_17> However, I had to copy some manually. These: (re @elros34: What is not clear in...)06:57
T42<edp_17> Here is droid-hal-$DEVICE.log. The system.unit was written: (re @elros34: so next: "Read $ANDR...)06:58
T42<edp_17> It looks like only system.unit, efs.unit, firmware.unit, firmware\x2dmdm.unit and config.unit were written.07:17
T42<elros34> in that case you should have these files in /lib/systemd/system/*.mount with /dev/sdx or /dev/mmcblk* paths used07:21
T42<elros34> /usr/lib/systemd*07:23
T42<edp_17> I have only config.mount:
T42<edp_17> Plus some others but no system.mount for example.07:25
T42<elros34> so check directly inside droid-hal-*rpm package, maybe you just have old droid-hal without these files07:26
T42<edp_17> Interesting, I've found those in droid-hal-jfltexx-0.0.6-202205091024.armv7hl.rpm. How is this possible as I uploaded all droid-hal-*.rpm to OBS then created a zip from there?07:29
T42<elros34> is excatly the same rpm or maybe you did rebuild it?07:30
T42<edp_17> This is the content of that rpm:
T42<edp_17> On OBS, I have " droid-hal-jfltexx-0.0.6-202205091024.armv7hl.rpm" in droid-local-repo "droid-hal-jfltexx-0.0.6-202205091024.armv7hl.rpm"07:32
T42<edp_17> So, they are the same.07:33
T42<elros34> so check also what version you have on device and rpm -ql too07:34
T42<edp_17> True, on device I have a different version without system.mount:
T42<edp_17> Hmm, how is that possible?07:37
T42<edp_17> Even the version of droid-hal-$DEVICE is different: 0.0.6-20220412132607:38
T42<edp_17> I can only imagine one thing which is that I accidentally installed the old image rather than the new one. Let me try the new one.07:41
T42<elros34> in same place where sfos image is created there is *.packages file which will tell you which version of droid-hal image contains07:46
T42<edp_17> I think the new one is included into the zip but accidentally I probably installed the old one. Now, I am installing the new one and re-try.07:48
T42<edp_17> Thanks for your help. Now I know how to check these *.unit and *.mount files and what's the connection between them. :)07:49
T42<edp_17> @elros34 : I've tried the newer build. Now, I have /system  /data  /efc  /firmware and others mounted but the symptom is the same. Black screen and reboot after a few minutes. Telnet works. Some logs:17:42
T42<edp_17> mounts:
T42<edp_17> persistent journal:
T42<edp_17> dmesg:
T42<edp_17> df -h:
T42<edp_17> /usr/lib/systemd/system/*.mount:
T42<edp_17> installed droid-hal-$DEVICE and its content:
T42<edp_17> init log:
T42<edp_17> I am sure you have some ideas, that I appreciate if you share. :)17:43
T42<edp_17> "... nohup: can't execute '/sbin/droid-hal-init': ..."17:49
T42<edp_17> strace /sbin/droid-hal-init:
T42<elros34> do you have /system/system directory?17:56
T42<edp_17> Checking...17:57
T42<edp_17> Yes I do have that.17:57
T42<edp_17> Is this a "system_root mount" thingy issue?17:58
T42<elros34> yeah, excatly17:58
T42<edp_17> I've see deathmist has had a similar issue and needed to create that system_root mount unit manually. Unfortunately, he/she didn't mention how that was created.17:59
T42<edp_17> *I've seen17:59
T42<edp_17> collabedit: "Some devices which use system-as-root have /system entry in fstab instead / which needs to be fixed to get correct systemd mount units generated: system_root.mount and system.mount."18:01
T42<edp_17> It says "need to be fixed". How?18:02
T42<edp_17> Should I add something into $ANDROID_ROOT/out/target/product/jfltexx/root/fstab.qcom ?18:05
T42<edp_17> Oh, is it enough to change the /system to / in that fstab.qcom ? Is this the fix?18:08
T42<elros34> yeap, the rebuild hybris/droid-hal18:08
T42<elros34> then*18:08
T42<edp_17> Got it. Is it possible to fix it on device?18:09
T42<edp_17> I mean without installing the new droid-hal packages?18:09
T42<elros34> sure, check how system.mount and system_root.mount looks like, its bind mount18:10
T42<elros34> system partition is mounted  to /system_root then /system_root/system to /system18:11
T42<edp_17> I don't have system_root.mount on the device.18:11
T42<elros34> yeah I get it but you can check droid-hal*.rpm after you apply fix and build it. If you can't right now than check on obs some android 8 based device18:12
T42<edp_17> Okay, thanks. Do I need to rebuild droidmedia after droid-hal? Or I only need to rebuild droid-hal?18:13
T42<elros34> what for it's just 2 files and 2 symlinks for mounting, droidmedia will not even notice it18:16
T42<edp_17> Okay, just asked.18:16
T42<elros34> you build droid-hal only to have both device/*/*/*/fstab.qcom and out/*/*/*/fstab.qcom same18:17
T42<elros34> sorry I meant hybris-hal18:17
T42<edp_17> /fstab18:22
T42<edp_17> I only changes out/*/*/*/fstab.qcom and rebuilt droid-hal.18:22
T42<edp_17> So, I need to change the device/*/*/*/fstab.qcom and rebuild hybris-hal too?18:22
T42<elros34> no you do not need but you should otherwise you will forget about it, rebuild hybris-hal > overwrite out/ and so on18:25
T42<edp_17> Okay, just in case I changed both fstab.qcom and rebuild hybris-hal then droid-hal. I hope with this I will see the initial setup screen on the device. :) Will let you know. Again, thanks for the help.18:27
T42<elros34> more likely bootloop :)18:31
T42<edp_17> Bootloop? WHy would you expect that? :)18:31
T42<elros34> just my recent experience, ignore me:P18:34
T42<edp_17> Huh, I thought you saw something in logs. :D18:39
T42<edp_17> Quick question. If I want to remove sailfish from the device is it enough to delete .stowaway folder?18:43
T42<elros34> you do not even have to do this, just flash boot.18:48
Thaodanedp_17: don't change fstab, add /system to the skipped mounts and add the unit manually to sparse18:48
ThaodanOr switch to aosp style packaging and package the /system partition.18:49
T42<edp_17> Thaodan : Can you give me an example for that unit file please?18:55
T42<edp_17> Thaodan : What's the disadvantage of changing fstab?18:55
Mister_Magisterfstab is not being used even18:56
T42<elros34> why do you mess with him, changing fstab is most easy and well know way to fix this issue used for a long time18:59
T42<edp_17> Thanks elros. I've amended fstab anyway, and will try it on device soon. :)19:08
T42<edp_17> I've installed the new zip that contains fixed fstab. And the result ....19:58
T42<edp_17> ... is the same. Black screen and in a few minutes the device reboots. :)19:58
T42<edp_17> Will get some logs. Is journal enough or collect all others as previously?19:59
T42<edp_17> @elros34 ^^20:00
T42<elros34> first check yourself whather system is mounted correctly (findmnt command). if it's ok  and you can't figure out issue then paste full journal/dmesg. If droid-hal-init works then also logcat20:11
T42<edp_17> Okat, will do. Thanks.20:19
Thaodanedp_17: You take the mount unit for system copy it to sparse into /usr/lib/systemd/system and patch it so it is as you need.22:38
Thaodanpatching fstab requires that you commit that to the upstream sources22:38

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