Friday, 2022-06-17

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spiiroinpiggz: dsme & rtc wakeups: there are some internal to dsme activity (thermal/battery/like checks), but mostly it depends / ought to depend on iphb clients06:16
T42<adampigg> Spiiroin: see wakeups here, every minute looks loke rtc, is that normal?
spiiroin@adampigg afaict it is process watchdog activity, happening at multiples of hw watchdog kick period (=12 secs) -> mce confirms to dsme that it is still alive and performs some periodic activity while the system is up and doing something (= at least that hw wd kick) anyway09:09
spiirointhere is a connection between hw wd kicking and rtc reprogramming (the next rtc wakeup can end up being reprogrammed more in to future)09:10
spiiroinbut this does not look like it was initiated due to rtc wakeups09:10
spiiroinin case of rtc wakeup there is (for the purposes of cpu-keepalive stuff) dbus ipc between dsme and mce, protected by wakelock (acquired by dsme and released by mce)09:13
spiiroinhmm, unless you meant starting from 21:32:03? there are cka_dbus_handle_wakeup_cb events about once/minute (=rtc wakeup)09:26
spiirointhere seems to be some bt activity close to those, so it could be bt stack scheduling wakeups with nemo-keepalive -> which could result in rtc wakeups09:28
spiiroinif so, it could be more or less expected "depends on iphb client behavior" thing09:30
T42<m├ąttat> @Mister_Magister can you unban me from your channel please21:21

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