Wednesday, 2022-08-10

T42<Verevka86> Hello, should sailfishos armv7hl work in hybris18.1 (sm8150)?08:14
EleventhLastok, I noticed that the size of hybris-boot is less than 1 megabyte from the required one, cpio is installed, and export TEMPORARY_DISABLE_PATH_RESTRICTIONS=true is also installed08:25
EleventhLastalso, with the previous kernel, the original one has no problems with dsme, everything starts up very quickly08:26
EleventhLasthere is the hybris-boot build log08:28
T42<Verevka86> Video recording in the camera works in armv7hl, but not in aarch64 (tested on hybris-17.1 xiaomi mi6 sagit) (re @Verevka86: Hello, should sailfi...)08:29
T42<elros34> EleventhLast use -j1 if you want to figure out why something fails, you can see that hybris-boot.img is not created08:38
EleventhLastit was created, judging by the date it was modified in the file system, these are display bugs08:40
T42<elros34> so use -j1, how can you debug issues if you can't trust logs08:41
EleventhLastalready doing as you said08:42
T42<elros34> did you change fixup-mountpoints recently?08:42
EleventhLastI also got covid19, so I can be very unproductive08:42
EleventhLasteverything is right there, everything is written in fixup-mountpoints as on the phone itself08:43
T42<elros34> oh wish you good health then. You are missing '/boot appears to live on' in logs08:44
T42<elros34> IIRC which should be closly after fixin mountpoints08:45
EleventhLastlog make08:45
EleventhLast"IIRC" I saw a lot of errors in dmesg08:46
EleventhLastbut no, I confused the name, but nevertheless here
T42<elros34> so what did you change so hybris-boot doesn't build correctly?08:49
EleventhLastI did not change anything, only the kernel is from lineage18.108:51
EleventhLastthat is, all the firmware is from lineage15.1, and the kernel is from lineage 18.108:51
EleventhLastok, i found a bug in fixup mount09:00
EleventhLastgood lesson not to write files like this when you start hallucinating from lack of sleep09:03
EleventhLastcorrected, but still the same, 1 megabyte is missing in the image09:14
EleventhLastand also CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC is set, but it is not in out/09:20
EleventhLastIs there a way to force this setting to be enabled?09:21
EleventhLasthad to enable CONFIG_IKCONFIG09:42
EleventhLastin short, I still have not solved the problem that the weight is 1 megabyte less, will there be any suggestions on how to solve this?10:19
T42<Umeaman> Should the HADK-FAQ be updated with instructions for those who are on hybris-18.1 and cannot downgrade? I know someone here said that same instruction applies for 18.1 as with 17.1, but it's not clear to everybody that reads it.10:55
T42<Umeaman> Shouldn't the HADK-FAQ be updated with instructions for those who are on hybris-18.1 and cannot downgrade? I know someone here said that same instruction applies for 18.1 as with 17.1, but it's not clear to everybody that reads it. (edited)10:56
T42<nrdnandan> Hi11:00
T42<nrdnandan> I have a question, I have a MacOS and currently I am trying to set up sfossdk, however, the instructions on the official site are given according to Linux, specifically, /srv folder does not exist in macos, and after macOS catalina, writing to / is not allowed, so unfortunately, I also cannot create the dir11:02
T42<nrdnandan> Any ideas guys?11:16
T42<nrdnandan> Also i tried to install sfdk but since I have mac m1 armyr so virtualbox is not yet available for arm6411:17
T42<nrdnandan> Also i tried to install sfdk but since I have mac m1 arm64 so virtualbox is not yet available for arm64 (edited)11:17
T42<Umeaman> Setup a VM. (re @nrdnandan: I have a question, I...)13:23
T42<Umeaman> Install Asahi Linux next to MacOS and use Asahi. :)13:26
T42<Umeaman> That's the best option right now.13:26
T42<proxer05> sfossdk have arm64 binaries tho?13:26
T42<Umeaman> Unless somebody else here says otherwise.13:26
T42<Umeaman> And I think you can still enable the root user in MacOS.13:27
T42<proxer05> you cannot build aosp on arm64 for sure13:27
deathmist1@proxer05 I don't think any of the SFOS toolchain (or Android build system for that matter) have non-x86_64 binaries :/13:27
deathmist1the host binaries are all x86_64 afaik13:27
T42<Umeaman> Asahi Linux runs on Silicon II.13:29
T42<Umeaman> That's arm64.13:29
T42<Umeaman> Marcan is continiously working on improving the kernel.13:29
T42<proxer05> we know about Asahi but point is that you CANNOT build on arm64 as AOSP doesnt in include arm64 build system binaries13:31
T42<proxer05> maybe on rosseta with x86_64 vm you can do that but natively you cannot13:32
mal@Umeaman hadk-faq is open source, just make a PR to it if you find something missing or wrong13:36
T42<Umeaman> Sure, but I wouldn't know exactly where the line is drawn to what instructions to use or not. I just noticed someone here claiming that hybris-17.1 and hybris-18.1 use the same instructions....... like applying patches.... (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>@Umeaman hadk-f...)13:38
voidanix[m]iirc macos is not even supported for building AOSP13:39
deathmist1@nrdnandan your best shot probably is an x86_64 Linux VM13:56
T42<nrdnandan> So Asahi linux (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <deathmist1>@nrdnand...)14:36
T42<nrdnandan> Got it. Thanks.14:36
T42<TheVancedGamer> isn't Asahi also arm64?14:37
deathmist1@nrdnandan that's still ARM64 architecture, you'd still need an x86_64 virtual machine anyway since none of the build tool for either SailfishOS or Android as far as I know would work on ARM64 natively14:40
EleventhLastI still haven't been able to figure out why the final image size is 1MB smaller, does anyone have any ideas?16:40
T42<Umeaman> Is it missing something? (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <EleventhLast>I stil...)17:03
EleventhLastI don’t know, there are no errors anywhere, but the hybris-boot assembly is not complete, 1 megabyte is not enough17:39
voidanix[m]so your getting a 1MB image as output?18:41
T42<elros34> EleventhLast remove hybris-boot.img and run 'make -V -j1 hybris-boot' (or something like that for more verbose output, I do not remember excatly)18:52
T42<elros34> whats the size of boot.img?18:54
EleventhLastsize boot.img 7.4 mb. size hybris-boot and recovery 7.3 mb19:04
EleventhLast19:28:19 Unknown option: -V19:42
T42<elros34> so what you are trying to fix if hybris-boot.img have 7.3MB (not 1MB), for me this looks completely sane20:52
EleventhLastthe standard size for my device is 8.2 mb, the working kernel was 8.3, and there were no problems with dsme, now these problems appeared when the kernel size became 7.3 mb, now I found the problem, I had to synchronize the device tree again20:55

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