Thursday, 2022-09-08

T42<adampigg> Forwarded from NotKit: search gives
T42<adampigg> Mal: @b100dian mtk also had issues with lockups, and added their own debug
T42<Walid> ril not work, in logcat ril is detected13:39
malwhich ofono plugin do you have installed?14:06
T42<Walid> Provides: ofono-configs16:38
T42<Walid> and i set Obsoletes this16:38
T42<Walid> Obsoletes: ofono-configs-mer16:38
T42<Walid> Obsoletes: ofono-configs-binder (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>which ofono plu...)16:38
malI was not talking about configs but the ofono plugin packages16:39
T42<Walid> oh i think there is no ofono plugin setting16:41
T42<Walid> so i should add it16:42
T42<Walid> rpm/dhd/helpers/ --mw=ofono-ril-plugin16:42
malthere are 3 options for ofono plugin dependending on how new device you have16:43
T42<Spidey24Z> hey mal16:44
T42<Walid> my device is lg v20 h910, msm899616:45
mal@Walid it's often related to which android base you use16:45
maland which android version the device had originally16:46
T42<Walid> lineageos16.016:46
malso what error do you see in journal from ofono?16:47
T42<Spidey24Z> i want to create an obs project16:47
mal@Spidey24Z do you have an account on obs already?16:48
mal@Walid I wonder if you have correct version of the plugin you use, I need to go out for a while, hopefully someone else can help16:50
T42<Walid> ok, i will test it right now, with mw ofono-ril-plugin16:53
mallooks like 4.4.0 should have 1.0.2 ofono-ril-plugin16:54
malnot sure how strict that version is16:55
malI suggest you verify that you really have that plugin installed on device, for example using "zypper se ofono" and checking which packages have been installed16:56
T42<Spidey24Z> no i don't (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <mal>@Spidey24Z do y...)17:07
T42<Walid> | ofono-ril-plugin           | Ofono legacy RIL plugin                             | package17:09
T42<Walid> (HEAD -> master, tag: 1.0.6, origin/master, origin/HEAD)17:10
T42<Walid> its 1.0.617:10
T42<Walid> i will test with 1.0.6 and see, if no i will switch to 1.0.2 version17:12
piggzmal: on the volla22, it seems like ofono-binder-plugin causes the mtk ril daemon to crash, but ofono-ril-binder-plugin doesnt17:40
T42<Walid> with 1.0.2 version i got this17:58
T42<Walid> ofonod[3202]: [grilio-socket] ERROR! Can't connect to RILD: No such file or directory17:58
T42<Walid> and there is no /dev/socket/rild17:59
T42<Walid> maybe i need this ofono-ril-binder-plugin17:59
ThaodanWhich android base?18:00
T42<Walid> 16.018:00
T42<Walid> lineageos16.018:00
T42<Walid> on ubuntu touch i have this config18:01
T42<Walid> transport=binder:name=slot118:01
ThaodanThat's not the Android version but I assume that's Android version 9.18:01
T42<Walid> yes 918:01
ThaodanYou can do binder-list and see if the binder iradio interface is there that means you should probably use binder plugin18:02
T42<Walid> # binder-list |grep Radio18:08
T42<Walid> so witch binder plugin i must install ? ofono-ril-binder-plugin  or ofono-binder-plugi ?18:09
Thaodan try ofono-binder-plugin18:16
T42<Walid> i can install from terminal in sailfish os ? zypper install ofono-binder-plugin ?18:20
Thaodanlater you have to pull it in from droid-configs18:26
T42<Walid> ofono.service: Failed with result 'core-dump18:27
T42<Walid> what i have do :18:51
T42<Walid> 1- install ofono-ril-plugin18:51
T42<Walid> 2- install ofono-ril-binder-plugin18:51
T42<Walid> 18:51
T42<Walid> sim detected, and i can make call18:51
T42<Walid> but when reboot its crash18:51
T42<Walid> gbinder] WARNING! Unhandled transaction 0x00000058 from hwbinder18:52
ThaodanCheck your hardware adaptation something might be wrong, like the modem doesn't shut down properly.18:52
T42<Walid> i will reinstall and test again, because i install/remove many times18:57
T42<Walid> systemctl restart ofono19:00
T42<Walid> made sim detected again19:00
T42<Walid> i have added both plugin, but its not builded, how can i force it to build with —mw option?20:39
T42<elros34> you only want 1 plugin and coresponding config in /etc/ofono/20:46
T42<adampigg> You dont build them, they are in the hw-common repo20:46
T42<Walid> sorry i don't understand! they are in the hw-common repo ?21:04
T42<elros34> check 'zypper se -s ofono'. You will see these plugins are provided by adaptation-common repo so you do not need to build them21:05
T42<Walid> i ran this21:13
T42<Walid> sb2 -t $VENDOR-$DEVICE-$PORT_ARCH  zypper se -s ofono21:13
T42<Walid> | ofono-ril-binder-plugin    | package    | 1.2.6-1.4.2.jolla        | aarch64 | adaptation-common21:14
T42<Walid>    | ofono-ril-plugin           | package    | 1.0.2-1.2.2.jolla        | aarch64 | adaptation-common21:14
T42<Walid> ok understand it thanks21:15
ThaodanPackages that are shared between adaptations are prebuild in the hwcommon repo (ssu lr).21:33
ThaodanIf you want to rebuild them (to update or work on them for example) run with --mw=<path> or --mw=<url>21:34

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