Friday, 2022-09-23

piggzwhere is the headphone jack configured .. seems its not autodetected on my pro1-x port08:44
T42<adampigg> @edp_17 did you figure it out, i see you had that issue in the logs?08:46
T42<adampigg> i should look at faq
piggzflypig: for next community info, i have 2 new ports in the works, each with pages in the forum10:38
jules[m]<piggz> "flypig: for next community info,..." <- my oneplus5 is end of life and port is abort... Really curious to know which phone that can be !!11:57
piggzjules[m]: fxtex pro1-x and volla2211:59
T42<Umeaman> Has anybody started a port for Sony Xperia IV?12:50
T42<Umeaman> I was considering of purchasing it.12:50
T42<edp_17> Yes, I was looking this page too. Interestingly, I've tried both (jack-match and switch) but none of them worked. Then, suddenly using the switch = h2w started to work. I still don't know why it didn't work on my first attempt. (re @adampigg: i should look at faq...)13:16
T42<adampigg> cool, mine worked with the first method (re @edp_17: Yes, I was looking t...)13:16

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