Friday, 2022-10-07

budrzhere's the new dmesg:
budrzcreated the vbmeta image by: python2 ../external/avb/ make_vbmeta_image     --output my_vbmeta.img     --padding_size 409601:06
budrzit's constantly rebooting into charging mode01:08
budrzI'll look at it in the morning01:33
T42<elros34> you have time machine or I am missing something; first log at:1131921  -> reboot I assume this is after flasing, 1131821 (back in time) -> boot to android or some different mode? This is too confusing to get any idea from it so I have no idea whether this sleep you have added was reached or your kernel crash early or doesn't even boot hybris initramfs. You need to figure out it.06:44
T42<elros34> are you sure that you created/flashed vbmeta correctly with needed disable flags? flash lineage's boot and see if it tries to boot.06:49
budrzelros34: yeah, there's nothing really in the dmesg. I tried tracking it closely.11:56
budrzI'm not sure if I flashed it correctly. I just ran fastboot flash vbmeta my_vbmeta.img11:57
budrzbut I will try lineage's11:57
budrzOk so I at least fixed that reboot problem by creating a vbmeta image like this: python2 ../external/avb/  make_vbmeta_image --flags 2 --padding_size 4096 --output vbmeta_disabled.img15:18
budrzand flashed it but the dmesg output is the same as before15:18
budrzI'm going to try and play around with the BoardConfig-common file by changing the kernel parameters15:20
budrzchanging the kernel parameters didn't seem to work. I'll check my fstab again17:54
T42<elros34> whole point of this 'sleep 40' addition in script without any defconfig changes was about to detect whether initramfs is started, it will not print anything new or more in dmesg. We already know that rndis/usb doesn't work but it's not important. So after all of this debugging you still did not provide simple information: does android kernel (stock defconfig) with hybris-boot initramfs starts? In that case you should have 40/60 or 100s delay19:02
T42<Umeaman> Has there been any progress on porting SF to any of the newer Sony Xperia models?22:13
T42<Umeaman> Like 5 IV.22:13

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