Monday, 2022-10-17

poetasterpiggz, just did a logcat, GS5, camera:
piggzpoetaster: about to reflash gs5 with a new style image08:36
poetastercool. so far it's really snappy :) if it's stylish, that's good, too!08:39
T42<AntonlX> @mal Hi, you shared init.cpp patch a few mount ago. It fixes crash after droid init.10:18
T42<AntonlX> This is strace -f /sbin/droid-hal-init .out I uploaded it to gdrive because it's too big for pastebin.10:26
piggzrinigus: ping11:51
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riniguspiggz: pong. For flooded with requests at OBS.. looks like some issue15:44
piggzoh i havnt seen any...15:45
piggzrinigus: anyway, my question was this.... odd problem with community encryotion wizard....15:46
piggzon first run, when config.ini doesnt exist, its all fine15:46
rinigusCheck spam15:46
piggzon second run, it crashes immedietely with an invalid pointer error15:47
rinigusOk, sounds strange. That I haven't seen15:48
piggzrinigus: nothing in spam, and obs doesnt list any tasks, did you clear all?15:48
riniguspiggz: no, I just got emails. Haven't checked at OBS yet15:49
piggzit looks fine to me, no tasks awaiting15:50
piggzlast email i has was 13th15:50
riniguspiggz: sorry, wrong call - that's from SuSe OBS :) . and looks legit15:51
rinigusback to your issue.15:52
riniguscould it be something with the underlying libs? does INI look fine?15:52
piggzyeah, ini looks fine15:53
piggzif i couldnt make fingerterm, and the app load ok with the config missing, id have said it was an early port hwcompser issue, but if i delete config.ini it loads up ok15:54
piggzi can strace and gdb, but nothing looked useful15:54
riniguspiggz: but which app is crashing specifically?15:55
piggzi guess i could build a modified version of it15:56
rinigushmm, is it even supposed to start with ini configured? or is it the one asking for password?15:56
piggzisnt it the same, just depending on mode it starts dfferently? maybe not ... maybe the wrong thing is starting15:57
riniguseven is starting, but should stop immediately. see
piggzhmm, ok, so the ask-password isnt showing15:58
piggzhmm, if its supposed to exit, it wouldnt init hwcomposer though?15:59
riniguspiggz: but you get a crash on which one? or it is your guess...15:59
rinigus... logging into dev phone to check logs16:00
piggzwell, i thought the wizard closing was the issue, but maybe not..16:00
piggzrinigus: ok, maybe this is the real error16:03
piggzsystemd-ask-password-gui.path: Job systemd-ask-password-gui.path/start failed with result 'dependency'.16:03
riniguspiggz: looks like it16:03
piggzrinigus: though, i think the dependency chain fails becuses of16:04
piggzsailfish-device-encryption-community-wizard.service: Control process exited, code=killed status=616:04
rinigusthat could be. so, then maybe hwcomposer is involved...16:05
riniguspiggz: for me, on regular boot, wizards starts and exits immediately. status=016:12
rinigusas a pre scripts, hwcomoser is taken down and added again16:13
malpiggz: are the usual hwcomposer restarts not enough on that device?16:18
malalso have you checked it tries to restart the correct service in those systemd service conf files16:19
piggzmal: im  not sure thats the issue, when i run the program with no config, it loads just fine16:22
malpiggz: what exactly is the issue you are trying to fix?16:24
piggzthe password gui isnt showd16:24
piggzi think its something else, but that crash wasnt helping, and still odd16:25
malpiggz: do you mean decrypt UI of the display unlock UI?16:26
piggzthe ask password ui from device-encryption-community16:27
rinigusmal: is the community encryption version16:27
malso something like this but for the name of your service doesn't help?16:28
riniguspiggz: you can try to modify systemd service file for wizard to ignore that error16:28
piggzright, i got in...16:28
piggzmoved this file out.. ./system/
piggzthat was blocking late-mount-pre, and nothing good came from that!16:29
piggznow to figre out why!16:30
malsome dependency mess then16:30
rinigusDependency would work out fine if wizard would start and close as expected. But maybe it should be relaxed on that starting ...16:35
piggzrinigus: adding a - to the EecStartPre seems to have "fixed" everything...16:38
rinigusYeah :) ... To next time16:40
rinigusTill next time16:40
piggzwell, it did the first run encryption, then asked fr the password ok on reboot16:41
piggz- just ignores the return code right?16:42
rinigusYes, should be all it does16:46
malwhy does it return incorrect value?17:45
rinigusmal: it seems to be crashing for piggz at some obscure place18:21
malany backtrace?18:31
T42<AntonlX> Can anyone help with this issue on hybris-11? (re @AntonlX: @mal Hi, you shared ...)18:35
T42<elros34> hybris-11 or 18?18:36
piggzmal: rinigus: not much use...
piggzi installed debug info for libsfosdeviceenc and the wizard19:30
T42<elros34> have you tried: 'thread apply all bt'?19:34
T42<AntonlX> lineage os 18, Android 11 (re @elros34: hybris-11 or 18?)20:33
T42<elros34> so hybris-18. Show full journal/dmesg. strace is too verbose to ready it before seeing usual logs20:34
T42<AntonlX> . (re @elros34: you can't, it can be...)21:04
T42<AntonlX> I am in the same situation. Same device configs and version, but without this patch droid hal not working. (re @elros34: so hybris-18. Show f...)21:06
piggzrinigus: still awake?21:06
T42<elros34> @AntonlX I do not remember anymore what was the issue so show journal or even droid-hal-init log but not strace. I will not be able to read 3MB file until next year21:08
mal@AntonlX so are missing the patch or what? not sure which patch it was but there is probably a better patch by @elros34 if it's what I think you mean21:12
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