Thursday, 2022-10-20

guguguHi All, Is there anybody who has already ported SailfishOS to AndroidEmulator? I really want to know if it is possible or not.03:49
XenoPLHi, quick question (actually two), first, did anyone tried to use pulseaudio echo cancellation plugin?10:47
XenoPLI was wandering if there's something that can be done to improve call quality on Xperia X (Compact using patched official Sailfish X image). People I'm calling are complaining about annoying echo during the call. I have to use headphones almost everytime10:48
XenoPLwhich is a bit unhandy as it might happen I'll have none at the moment someone call me10:48
XenoPLI did quick search and found that pulseaudio has echo cancellatio plugin which could be useful, but somehow it's missing in SFOS X10:49
XenoPLso i'm asking if anybody has some experience in that matter, is there good reason SFOS is not using it?10:50
XenoPLSecond question: where I can find some guide how to prepare UI patches? Almost every update I'm trying to mod my local files with classic close gesture and get rid of this stupid white background on messages cover. SO if I'm doing it for myself, why not make a proper patch and share it with people. As original patches seem to me not maintained anymore10:53
XenoPL*s/to me/to be10:54
T42<b100dian> XenoPL for the second question you could see e.g.

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