Saturday, 2022-11-05

piggzSo, we are already below 30% CI time on gitlab porters-ci ... its becuase gitlab has changed free accounts in the last few months.  I will try and figure out doing the same on github, i doubt they will give us free unlimited for open source projects17:53
piggzpoetaster: bunch of fixes in for volla22, and a new testing: build for general users18:27
poetasterpiggz, Ok, I'll get on it!18:27
poetasterI'll flatten with that testing image, ok?18:28
poetasterthe CI bits of gitlab are not part of the open source version, are they?18:28
piggzive tested it  a few timer, encryption, call in/out, camera/recording/playback/sensors all ok18:28
piggznot sure18:29
poetasterno, it should be possible to do ci selfhosted.18:32
poetasterI'll toss it up to my terraform guy. We're building some stuff, so maybe I'll build a build machine.18:33
poetasterI have some underutilized hardware.18:34
poetasteroh, they changed the interfaces.18:36
poetasterpiggz, simm is still flaky.19:02
poetasterI actually got prompted on reboot for the sim pin, but it was not usable/recognized.19:05
poetasterhm. several swaps slot 1<>2 and reboots later and it's there.19:14
T42<b100dian> > anyone has any clue how to debug missing incoming SMS messages <20:09
T42<b100dian> This message from 2021.. it was actually my operator activating VoLTE. So I stopped receiving SMSes reliably and I "fixed" it by going 3G-only.20:09
T42<b100dian> Turns out I found more understanding from one operator yesterday and it disabled VoLTE (without disabling 4G, that was the struggle with the previous ones) and now SMSes work again20:09
T42<b100dian> *it=he20:10

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