Friday, 2022-11-25

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T42<Umeaman> Is the merproject wiki supposed to be down?16:44
T42<Umeaman> I couldn't reach it yesterday.16:44
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T42<Buka> I have ginkgo too (re @bukamal1991: When I flash sailfis...)19:22
T42<Buka> Can anyone help me how to install selfish os on ginkgo? Step by step19:25
T42<bukamal1991> @Ayman_rgab19:34
T42<Ayman_rgab> ?19:50
T42<Andro> Help me to install sailfish os on ginkgo19:57
T42<Ayman_rgab> I don't have this device sorry20:10
T42<Ayman_rgab> I don't have this device, sorry (edited)20:10
T42<elros34> @Andro best ask port maintainer20:51

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