Tuesday, 2022-11-29

piggzmal: Thaodan: can build_packages.sh auto install dependencies?20:24
Thaodanpiggz: yes20:26
piggzThaodan: is that an option, cos it isnt!20:26
Thaodanthere's no option it does it by default.20:27
piggzi disagree :D20:27
Thaodancheck the full log20:28
Thaodansome package is missing, it only shows the last 10 lines20:28
piggzThaodan: a couple of "no provider found" https://hastebin.com/ohelubeziz.sql20:30
piggzmaybe i need to build an older tag20:31
deathmisthonestly the easiest solution to get people to build right versions of everything is to store files for each respective SFOS release containing the versions the possibly built packages should be at20:46
deathmistwe can already look in the full changelog since forever to find what version things should be at, why not just record the relevant ones for build_packages.sh and each release somewhere?20:46
deathmistor maybe better if it's just one file in dhd that is updated against the latest release at the time20:48

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