Friday, 2022-12-02

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spiiroinpiggz, mal: I guess property updating is more or less expected if bt scanning resumes too, but ...06:40
spiiroinwhat strikes me is that sequence of: mc, mr, mc, mr, ... -> looks like what would happen if property updates would be handled via synchronous blocking method calls06:42
spiiroinif it really is like that, then a) it is bad b) possibly hard to fix06:43
spiiroinvs. if async method calls would be used, it presumably would look something like: mc, mc, mc, ..., mr, mr, mr ... (and ability to handle incoming method calls in between those too)06:45
spiiroinor.. in that log there are only 2 bt prop changed signals and 848 get prop calls - can it be that something is polling bt props in some sort of busy loop?06:54
T42<adampigg> Spiiroin, yeah, thats what i find odd. My concern is its in some closed part of the ui i cant patch out08:07
T42<H> Hi bro14:55
T42<H> I have installed sfos on I9060I  now I can't  turn on wifi or bluetooth14:55
T42<edp_17> What's that I9060I device?15:28
deathmist@edp_17 according to first result on google
deathmist@H which SailfishOS version is it on? where did you download the build from?15:47
T42<edp_17> That's why I asked. ;) Does that device has an sfos port?16:13
T42<H> .17:08
T42<H> Can't upload pictures here17:10
T42<H> Send me private message if u want to see (re @edp_17: That's why I asked. ...)17:10
T42<H> All Old Roms For GN+ (Tested and Working)17:13
T42<H> 17:13
T42<H> Note -: For checking the bugs and how to install, visit17:13
T42<H> samsunggalaxygrandneoplus.blogspot.com17:13
T42<H> All the files are extracted from this website 👆17:13
T42<H> 17:13
T42<H> [I've tried all the roms in there so there shouldn't be an issue, in case of issue, pls report me and I'll re-upload the file. In case anyone want to add or share any roms to this folder, pm me]17:13
T42<H> All roms links17:13
T42<H> 4.4  to 8.1  and sfos also17:13
T42<H> Only for grandneo plus sc8830 chipset17:13
T42<H> Got sfos from @Ayman_rgab17:14
T42<elros34> Did you install correct lineage version? You can't use any but specific one17:26
T42<H> 14.1 only port for our device (re @elros34: Did you install corr...)17:33
T42<elros34> then either start debugging, reboot get dmesg/journalctl --no-page or wait for maintainer reply17:42
T42<H> Found problem18:10
T42<H> Its channel 13 14 problem18:10
T42<H> Need to change country  by inserting sim after reset18:10
T42<elros34> how can this prevent wlan/bluetooth turn on18:11
T42<H> Wlan0 is up now18:13
T42<H> Idk but modem is up now (re @elros34: how can this prevent...)18:13
T42<H> Used rfkill unblock 0  n 1 n 218:13
T42<H> It was safe blocked18:13
T42<elros34> I would guess it's more likely first boot issue18:13
T42<H> Ya (re @elros34: I would guess it's m...)18:14
T42<H> My device was not detecting sim card in android now it does 😂18:14
piggzmal: spiiroin: so, the other day we thought connectionagent might be responsible for issues ... i searched source for relevant strings, looks like it points to connman-qt5, and connectionagent uses connman-qt520:31
ThaodanHello, I will restart the server that runs the telegram-irc bridge, it will be back in a few minutes.21:22
T42<foxclore> Quick, post the sailfish os propaganda while admins are asleep! Xd (re @SailfishFreenodeIRCBridgeBot: <Thaodan>Hello, I wi...)21:24
Thaodanand were back :)21:36

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