Tuesday, 2023-01-03

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T42<adampigg> Mal: ofono-binder-plugin 1.1.8 seems much better09:41
mal@adampigg which version did you have before?11:46
T42<adampigg> Mal: 1.1.11 is the the broken one i think11:47
mal@adampigg which interface do you use?12:12
T42<adampigg> Mal:version? 1.412:13
mal@adampigg just to be sure can you test also 1.1.9 and 1.1.10 to narrow down the issue12:14
malalthough .11 has one data registration change12:15
T42<adampigg> Will do these evenibg12:17
T42<adampigg> Mal: problem seems to be back with 1.1.8, seems related to switching between 3/4 g14:24
mal@adampigg ok14:25
mal@adampigg try to grab full ofono debug log and logcat -b radio14:27
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